Liar, Liar

Ed Rendell, someone I actually like, is on Hardball right now lying through his teeth, claiming the Democratic party did nothing wrong in Florida and Democrats are being unfairly punished. Roll the tape:

If you look closely underneath the swelling, jolly belly, you will clearly see the name Steve Geller, and note that he is a Democrat.

Please, Hillary supporters, cut the bullshit. In other election news, this:

The nation lingered in political limbo Monday, with its election commission staying silent on the results of Saturday’s presidential election, raising additional concerns that Robert G. Mugabe was intent on rigging the outcome.

As the country waited, a network of civic groups issued its own projection of how the vote will turn out, if legitimately counted. It estimated that the main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, would receive 47 to 51.8 percent, while President Mugabe would get 39.2 to 44.4 percent.

Mugabe insists he intends to stay in the race until Florida and Michigan are counted.

Consider this an open thread.

Why She Fights

Talk Left:

Clinton’s viability is absolutely tied to Michigan and Florida. The reason Clinton is fighting for Florida and Michigan is because she needs them to capture the nomination.

Got it? The candidates agreed the delegates would not count. Now, however, Clinton needs them to win, so everything is out the window, and Big Tent Democrat has no problem with that. In fact, the crazification factor is so high that he insists it is good for the party.

And they wonder why people like me think they are insane? If Hillary can not keep her word on something like this, I don’t trust her to keep her word on anything. Additionally, if Sen. Inevitable couldn’t win the nomination without the two states she agreed would not count, I don’t like her judgment and I don’t like her chances in the general.

It is that simple. If the DNC and the states can figure something out that is acceptable to them, I am fine with it. But they can’t, or won’t, so Michigan and Florida are dead. Seating them as is when the ballot in Michigan was Hillary vs. Uncommitted is unacceptable. Which is worse for democracy, abiding by the agreement made before the primary, or holding a Saddamesque election in which Clinton ran unopposed?

So stop whining about them. They fucked up. Not Obama. The villain in this scenario is not the people who followed the rules and are abiding by the rules. The villains are the sleazy folks who are going back on their word now that they need the delegates from those states. That would be Hillary, since I don’t trust her supporters to reason through this shit anymore on their own.

Opening Day Thread

I love this time of year for sports. Tripleheaders all week as baseball kicks in and March Madness comes to a raging climax.

Detroit edges Boston in the ALCS, and the Mets ruin Chicago’s dreams by ousting the Cubs in the NL. The Reds are surprisingly competitive and earn a wild card. The Astros eke out a .500 record, and the Pirates will be pulling a Clinton and pointlessly playing out the string after being mathematically eliminated in June. Detroit wins the WS, and Red State wonders whether the Tigers or Obama winning will lead to riots in the streets.


Courtesy of Captain Ed:

So what were Obama’s positions in 1996, according to the questionnaire that bears his handwriting?

* Opposed to parental notification on abortions. He amended this to say that he might possibly support it for 12- or 13-year-olds, but no older.
* Flatly opposed the death penalty, a position he denied ever having.
* Supported bans on the sale, possession, and manufacture of guns, again a position he denied ever taking.


Once again, we have more evidence that Obama represents nothing more than the political winds. He has zero credibility, zero experience, and a penchant for telling people what they want to hear rather than any truth about what he actually believes. Either he lied to IVI or he’s lying now. In either case, it’s hardly the New Politics Obama has promised.

I guess it would be pointless for me to point out that just a few years ago, I agreed with Captain Ed on a number of things. Now, I think he is a total hack and unflinching, unthinking partisan shill for the GOP.

Guess what? I was not lying then when I thought those things, and I am not lying now. I would argue Obama’s change in positions is exceedingly minor compared to mine. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

As a side note, I do have to admit that the best part of this upcoming election will be watching the folks who, without hesitation, assisted in the defense of the most patently dishonest admistration ever running around calling people liars. That, and listening to members of the party that brought you the Southern Strategy calling Obama a racist. Comedy gold.

*** Update ***

From the increasingly entertaining TalkLeft comments section (and yes, I am nutpicking), we have this blatant lie from Obama that the Clinton-hating LIEBERAL media don’t want you to know about:

he gave his famous anti-war speech in the middle of a heavily contested US Senate Race.

and while I think this is a little petty to nitpick over; he gave an interview with a sports mag where he said he was “raining threes” when he was 16. He should add inventing the three point line to his resume because his recollection of his athletic abilities predates the invention of the 3 point line.

That is it, I must now vote for Hillary.

Open Thread

In honor of John’s 10,000th post, I thought that I should reveal a little secret – our archives are pretty easy to navigate. If you read the http header for any particular post you will see that it ends in a number. That’s the total number of posts on the blog ending with that one. The archives go all the way back, so here for example are posts # 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584, 4181 and 6725.

This is purely in response to some questions in the comments, not an encouragement to skim through the archives for things to embarrass John with. Those of you who will do it anyway should feel completely awful about yourselves.

ATTN: Sadly, No!

That bat signal is for Gavin at Sadly, No!

We have an emergency that requires your immediate attention. Save us all, please.

Consider this an open thread.

The More Things Change

Dan Bartlett, in December:

That’s what I mean by influential. I mean, talk about a direct IV into the vein of your support. It’s a very efficient way to communicate. They regurgitate exactly and put up on their blogs what you said to them. It is something that we’ve cultivated and have really tried to put quite a bit of focus on.

The Washington Times, today:

Even as talk radio was brutalizing Sen. John McCain in the Republican presidential primaries, conservative bloggers reached a respectful truce with the Arizona senator over touchy issues and gave him what the campaign called a “tremendous positive psychological” boost.

I suppose it is only natural to go to a forum where you can be asked the truly pressing questions. Things like- “Who is less patriotic, Obama or Hillary?” Or, “Will the Democrats be content to lose the war in Iraq, or will they try to turn the US into a province of Iran.” Or, “Do you think you can be as great a President as Bush?”

I mean, I fully understand why McCain would seek refuge within the confines of right-wing blogs.