Paging Nelson Muntz

In retrospect it amazes me just how improbable the modern Republican coalition really was. Cooked up in the mix of interest groups who voted Republican from Reagan through Bush 2 are business cons who absolutely depend on illegal immigration and nativists who will never rest until they end it, you have fiercely anti-Catholic evangelicals and Catholic partisans. Some credit goes to the guy convinced imperialist big-government Trotskyite communists-turned-neoconservatives, Libertarians, panty-sniffing sex crusaders and William F. Buckley to pull the same lever for any meaningful period of time. The job called for some brilliant, evil sick fucks; too bad the GOP ran out of the brilliant kind.

For anyone who thinks that John McCain will bring back the old mojo, I suggest you start drinking now.

Things That Should Be More Common

As expected Scott Horton took a much closer look at the details behind the suspicious Alabama blackout of a 60 Minutes broadcast on the Don Siegelman prosecution. Unexpectedly, Horton disproved his hypothesis.

The key figure in the Oak Hill group is Robert M. Bass. His campaign donation profile shows that he has supported both Democrats and Republicans, but that his donations to Democrats far exceed those to Republicans. The complete five-year search can be examined here. Note specifically that he has never supported George W. Bush–either in his races for governor of Texas or president. Sid, Edward and Lee Bass, who have been heavy Bush supporters, do not appear to have any interest in Oak Hill Capital Partners. Consequently, the supposition that the blackout at WHNT was politically driven censorship on the part of the ultimate owners has no merit.

You don’t see that very often.

Open Thread

So it looks like the entire election is going to be a competition between the candidates to see who can denounce people the hardest and the fastest.

*** Update ***



Quick, look around and grab the closest book to where you’re sitting. No scooting over to that unopened copy of Whitehead’s Function of Reason, cheater, just grab what’s nearby. Willing to say what it is?

Tom Levenson just tagged me with the “123” meme so it looks like I have no choice. My mission, should I choose to accept it:

* look up page 123 in the nearest book
* look for the fifth sentence
* then post the three sentences that follow that fifth sentence on page 123.

Tom appears to have put off answering until he could get closer to his copy of On The Origin of Species. Hmm. We’ll have to run that past the rules committee.

As for me, I’m still sitting right where I was when Tom tagged me at 3:00, so let’s see…uh oh. Right next to my MacBook is Strunk and White’s Elements of Style, fourth edition in paperback. What do you think is the likelihood that I will find three consecutive rules that I respect all the way through an average day of blogging? Me think odds not good. Lucky for me my copy ends at page 105.

Next closest is Les Âmes Grises by Philippe Claudel. I hope you speak French.

En définitive, Matziev, même si je l’ai connu quand il a tourné ordure, valait bien mieux que lui. Au moins, une fois dans sa vie, il n’a pas fait honte a sa qualité d’homme. Qui peut en dire autant?

For those who don’t speak romance languages like you should, I took advantage of AltaVista’s free online tool to translate the passage from French to German to English. Enjoy.

Finally, Matziev, even if I knew it, if it turned waste, were worth very better than it. At least once in its life RK it dishonor quality has its man quality. Who can say of it just as much?


As for who to tag next, it’s a tough call; bloggers as a whole tend to be literate people with interesting perspectives. For various reasons I pick Fester, PZ Meyers and Jim Henley.


Oh, by the way. Beatboxing.

Jack Kingston, Moron

I find it thoroughly depressing that this is one of the leading lights of the right:

He is so full of it he can’t even keep wipe that shit-eating grin off his face. Where do they find these people. Who votes for them? Why?

Election Year Vandalism

Apparently, someone vandalized the Obama HQ in Gregg County Texas:

The building is the Gregg County campaign office of Barack Obama where just yesterday, hundreds of East Texans showed up to see actor, Samuel L. Jackson stump for the campaign.

The building is not only the headquarters for Obama’s Gregg County campaign, but it is also a phone service center. Early this morning the owner, Eddie Towles and his technicians found the words “a racist” spray painted on two company vans.

“I don’t even know why anyone would do this except ignorance- total ignorance,”said Towles Phone Center technician, Lonzell Johnson.

Has anyone seen his guy, and if so, does he have any spray paint on his hands?

Total ignorance, indeed.

Bloomberg Out, No One Gives A Shit

Now that Bloomberg has announced he is not running, can we stop paying attention to whiny narcissists (see Nader, Ralph)? You have a clear choice this election. You can go vote for the third Bush term with lots more war and with the filth still in charge, or you can vote to end the nonsense of the last 8 years. The choice is clear.

If you choose to vote for some asshole third party candidate, you deserve the rogering you get from another Republican administration and you probably deserved the last eight years. So please STFU- you get to choose between evil and not evil in November. Deal with it.