Router Question

My friend has a D-Link router that constantly fails. He lives in my townhome community in the same style house as I do. I have a Linksys Router that never fails. Anyone know if D-link just sucks? Or am I just lucky?

Happy December: Open Thread, Beer, Other Stuff: Early AM Edition

It’s 3:45 am. I’m looking at the CNN Web site. I notice a spelling error that annoys me.

But who cares? Welcome to December. By the way, I’m drinking a Don de Dieu by Unibroue. An incredible beer, made in Canada, 9% alcohol and made, of course, in the style of the Belgian Triples. Yum. From the Web site:

This smooth, exceptionally strong triple wheat ale offers a complex flavor that is slightly fruity, malty, nutty and yeasty, with a hint of unfiltered sake.

We recommend pairing it with grilled game meats, spicy Asian or Latin cuisine, ripened cheeses and charcuterie.

On another note, the hostage crisis is resolved. The Clintons called it off – or so the Freepers would have you believe, or whatever.

And, finally, Evel Knievel is dead.