Sunday Steelers Thread

Steelers v. Bengals- you know the drill.

*** Update ***

Three hundred million people in America, and a not insignificant portion of them love the NFL and football. Out of that large number of people, CBS can not find one person to do a better job announcing than Randy Cross?

Jesus, how does he still have a job?

*** Update ***

And now the bastards at CBS shove that Steely McBeam crap in my face.

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    Go Niners! This is the week they show off their powerhouse offense. Take no prisoners! Did anyone see my crackpipe?

  2. 2
    Jim Henley says:

    Ben looks good so far. Nice decisions in the pocket and accurate throws.

  3. 3
    Bombadil says:

    Jesus, how does he still have a job?

    For the same unknown reason Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are allowed to broadcast baseball games. Worst. Coverage. Ever.

  4. 4
    Jim Henley says:

    Ah yes. Ben does the Culpepper-McNabb thing on third down, tossing a first down pass with a defender dragging at his ankles.

  5. 5
    jake says:

    Jesus, how does he still have a job?

    Didn’t Dennis “LOOK AT ME SMIRK!” Miller have a gig with the NFL? Or was that a very bad dream brought on by consuming garlicy marinara sauce too soon before bedtime?

    Oh yeah. Go Colts!

  6. 6
    Mattius says:

    I have no sympathy for your being stuck with Randy Cross. I’m stuck with the NY/Miami game because the NFL is doing something TEH!!! awesome!!!1!!!1!! and needs to cram its teh awesomeness down everyone’s throat. I’d say the networks and the NFL need to come up with a better tv schedule, but I suspect neither the NFL or the networks give a shit about their fans.

    Guess how many punts there have been in this 3-0 matchup midway through the second quarter?

  7. 7
    Jim Henley says:

    I read that as “garlicky marijuana sauce” at first.

  8. 8
    John Cole says:

    I read that as “garlicky marijuana sauce” at first.

    Will that alleviate the pain of listening to Randy Cross?

  9. 9
    John Cole says:

    Guess how many punts there have been in this 3-0 matchup midway through the second quarter?

    I think it is a law that you are not allowed to complain about 3-0 puntfests to people who followed the AFC central their entire lives.

  10. 10
    DougJ says:

    While we’re on the topic of bad commentators, have you guys checked out Dan Marino’s pre and post game stuff? It’s unbelievable how dumb he is. The fact they pair him with Collinsworth and Cowher — both of whom are genuinely intelligent — makes it that much more painful. It’s clear he has no idea — none — what they’re talking about most of the time.

    My favorite was his comment that losing the first rounder won’t hurt the Pats because it will be “in the high 30s”.

  11. 11
    Jim Henley says:

    Baj. THAT wasn’t a good decision, Ben.

  12. 12
    Jim Henley says:

    If Steeler offensive line is being paid, shouldn’t they work a little?

  13. 13
    Mattius says:

    Brandon Jacobs sure looks good. He’s just manly. A man’s man standing out in a man’s sport. Too bad he plays for such an unlikeable team.


    Speaking of Marino jackassery, remember when he was hired as Miami’s GM, but resigned within 72 hours? I always wondered who bailed on who. You think Marino was too stupid to realize what he was getting himself into, or you think Wayne Huizenga had never actually met Marino before his first couple days on the job?

    Despite Randy Cross and Dan Marino, I think the networks are putting better commentators on. Sunday night football used to be the worst at casting for its personalities. I have no idea how America weathered 5 years of Joe Theisman and Al Maguire. At least now the stupids are marginalized as sideline reporters, instead of featured in the booth/studio.

  14. 14

    The guy who did the color on the Niners’ game made a snide comment about Ashley Lelie not catching his first pass until last week. Well, Lelie wasn’t active for the first three or four weeks, and in the first game he played they threw one pass in his general direction. Apparently, the douchebag in the booth didn’t know this.

    Because the Niners are bad and getting worse we are now getting the read dogshit announcers. John, Randy Cross is the cream of the crop compared to the garbage we’re getting out here. You just cannot imagine.

  15. 15
    Notorious P.A.T. says:

    “CBS can not find one person to do a better job announcing than Randy Cross?”

    At least Randy Cross is safely tucked away in the broadcast booth. How’d you like to be a Lions fan and have Matt Millen running your team? (I know, Detroit is 5-2 so far, now only 45 games below .500 since Millen took over)

  16. 16
    ecgordon says:

    Some clips of Jack Lambert to cheer up John Cole. Definitely someone you wouldn’t enjoy facing across the scrimmage line.

  17. 17
    TenguPhule says:

    Jesus, how does he still have a job?

    In Republican America, Shit rolls uphill.

  18. 18
    Andy says:

    I miss Dick Enberg and Curt Gowdy.

    But I’d settle for just seeing Steeler games–here in L.A., it’s the Raiders, Chargers of 49ers.

    But the Spanish-languge station usually airs the Steeler games…GOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  19. 19
    ATS says:

    You’re bugged by Randy Cross when the whole damn country has to look at Tony Kornheiser every week!

  20. 20
    d. b. cooper says:

    Randy Cross is a maroon, it seems to me I realized this when Jim Harbaugh was still playing, which means Randy has been a top NFL broadcaster for well over ten years now, which explains how Tony Kornheiser is giving me a headache every week. I enjoyed Kornheiser when he was doing PTI and writing columns for the Washington Post, but after listening to him try to broadcast a football game I wonder what I was thinking, there is absolutely no insight WHATSOEVER that Tony has ever brought to a game I’ve heard him do. Randy Cross, at least, played the game and still has some remnants of memories in that jock brain of his that he can bring to the table on special occasions.

    There are very few NFL analysts that I find at all acceptable, though. As a Falcons fan (poor me), I’m getting Tony Boselli every week, horrible.

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