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Always trust the commenters to inform me when we need an open thread.

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    r€nato says:

    I refuse to engage in that sophomoric practice of declaring, ‘first!’ in a comments thread.


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    Zifnab says:

    First Pos… aw crap.

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    ninerdave says:

    I gotcher open thread right here…whoa!

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    The Populist says:

    Horowitz got booed off the stage at Emory. Now Fox is running the video and the caption reads “FREE SPEECH DENIED”

    Is it me or is that the new mantra of the right? Use the free speech argument whenever somebody shoots down one of their lame ideas? I don’t normally listen to Randi Rhodes but I was sitting in my car and I heard a woman ask some guy what was your major, so I kept listening. The guy on the other line (I assume) called to argue that colleges have a bias toward the left. He couldn’t articulate his point while saying his degree was in criminal defense. Randi admirably kept asking him pointed, yet fair, questions about what he learned was so liberal. He got flustered, said she was stifling him and hung up.

    LOL…I saw the Horowitz thing and the Fox caption and shook my head. Now they want to attack education.

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    Zifnab says:


    Wow. Maybe there is a god.

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    ninerdave says:


    I’m more pissed about the shitty excuse for music he hoisted upon America than any buggering.

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    Stooleo says:

    F.B.I. Agents attached to the American Embassy in Jakarta appeared at the Westin the next day and led Pearlman away; he had been registered under the name “A. Incognito Johnson.”

    “A. Incognito Johnson”
    Best play on hide the “hide the sauage” Evah!

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    Dreggas says:

    Zifnab Says:


    Wow. Maybe there is a god.

    And you doubted the awesomeness of the Great Cthulu!

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    RSA says:

    I’m just happy knowing that our world contains things like a “blimp-industry executive” from Flushing, NY; a German computer programmer who can recognize Pearlman on sight; and of course that awesome secret identity name.

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    Dennis-SGMM says:

    You 21st Century rat bastards just continue to ignore the contributions of the Bay City Rollers.

    This groundbreaking, modestly-talented boy band set the standard for boy bands everywhere.

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    jake says:

    to become first the head of a blimp empire–yes, an empire built around renting out blimps

    Starting with himself.

    From the very beginning, people remarked how odd it was for a blimp-industry executive to be diversifying into boy bands.

    Diversifying? I’ve never heard it called … Nope, never heard it called that before. But then I don’t hang out with hedge fund managers.

    “He was along for the ride. What he liked to do was take boys out to dinner.”

    Specialite du jour: Pork sausage avec deux fesse enorme.

    Sorry, there is absolutely no reason for someone in the music industry to lurk in the back of the fucking closet. In his case, a walk-in closet. Looks like another power hungry perv bites the dust.

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    jake says:

    And I seem to recall hearing these clones guys were all required to sign some sort of strict behavior contract in which they promised to be extra super good to maintain their squeaky clean image.

    Huh. Tells people to be good or face punishment. Turns out to be a complete crook and a creep.

    Where have I heard that before?

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    r€nato says:

    The Countrywide Underpants Subprime Gnomes:

    1) Lose lots of money selling subprime mortgages to people who have no realistic hope of paying the loans back
    2) ?????
    3) Profit!

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    Fledermaus says:

    Colbert is quickly approaching Lenny Bruce territory with his campaign.

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    ConservativelyLiberal says:

    Lynn Cheney was on The Daily Show last night, hawking her book. I have no idea if it was a rerun as I don’t watch the show often, but one of her responses was interesting.

    Jon was questioning her about terrorism and the war, and she pointed out that there have not been any terrorist attacks since then. When Jon pointed out terrorist attacks in Spain, England and so on since then, she clarified what she meant with the following…

    ‘I was talking about American interests.’

    Jon paused with a shocked look (if you want to call it that ;) ) on his face, and the audience gasped. It was a very telling moment. One of those Freudian slips that give you a glimpse into the real thoughts of a person.

    Jon asked if the interests of England and Spain were our concern, and she said ‘Of course’ or something to that effect. But it was a weak recovery from such a slip.

    Very interesting peep into the mind of a Cheney…

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    RSA says:

    I caught that show on its first run, and I thought Stewart could have gone in a few different directions. First, and most obviously, the Bush administration has pretty consistently said that some of the attacks on soldiers in Iraq are carried out by terrorists; I guess that’s not really true, huh? Second, anthrax through the mail no longer counts as terrorism? (But I don’t remember the context; maybe Cheney was talking about after the Iraq invasion.) Third, I seem to recall Clinton being discussed just beforehand, and the Bush administration is pretty slippery when it comes to counting terrorist attacks during the two different administrations. That is, when they make the numbers public at all.

  18. 18

    I think Lynn Cheney’s thought process are fairly easy to follow. Both the UK and France have had elections. Everything is topsy-turvy — UK/Brown — pulls back from Basra and perhaps Iraq completely: BAD; France/Sarkozy — tough on Muslim immigrants: GOOD.

    Shift with the times and rework anything that doesn’t fit.

    As far as the Dreggas link — my my my.

    (oh and renato — thanks for that link — a student of mine is working on a paper on that topic.)

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    jake says:

    Dick Cheney will be in Vassar Country? This could be veeewy intwesting.

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    pacified says:

    OMG! Bill Maher just read your questions, John, about what you thought should be asked to the Republican Presidential candidates. Though Sully is on his show, and he attributed them to them (And Sully didn’t give you credit). still, so cool!

    The two he mentioned:

    Would you travel back in time and abort Osama?

    Would you prevent a terrorist attack by sleeping with a man?

    My fav was still “how many alimoney checks does the sanctity of marriage cost”.

    Go John!

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    yet another jeff says:

    How about that fake FEMA press conf?

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    John Cole says:

    OMG! Bill Maher just read your questions, John, about what you thought should be asked to the Republican Presidential candidates

    I know. I was watching while talking to Jim Henley in google chat. And they are kinda site questions, anyway- all the commenters came up with em.

    Still pretty funny. Our site had a brush with mediocrity!

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    Geoduck says:

    Second, anthrax through the mail no longer counts as terrorism?

    That would have been my follow-up question as well. Amazing how thoroughly that little brouhaha’s been swept down the memory hole.

  25. 25
    eyeball says:

    Why do conservatives hate America?

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    Redleg says:

    Nice ad for the new book from the Cato Institute “Best Laid Plans.” I’ll be sure to run out and buy a copy.

    I guess you guys do have to pay the bills.

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    bernarda says:

    I have posted this link to the Twilight Zone “No Time Like the Past” on a couple of other progressive sites. I think it deserves to be widely distributed. Thanks to Rod Serling.

    One can imagine Horowitz as the balding imperialist.

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    laneman says:

    The thing I find most amusing about the B. anthracis thing that thw rightwingnutjobs harp on, it was US anthrax.

    maybe that just proves US is killing with the terrurists

  29. 29
    jake says:

    The thing I find most amusing about the B. anthracis thing that thw rightwingnutjobs harp on, it was US anthrax.

    Yes! And this proves that the terrists have infiltrated every nook and cranny of America. Therefore it is the duty of all honest citizens to allow the Presidint to personally insert listening devices in their butt cracks. That way we’ll know the people who object to anal bugging devices are terrists or terrist supporters like the ACLU (which really stands for Anti-Christian Lesbian Union), and we can arrest them and live happily ever after.

    If you’ve done nothing wrong you’ve got nothing to hide! Braaaawk!

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    Johnny Pez says:

    How about that fake FEMA press conf?

    Yeah, heard about that. I guess our public officials have decided to cut out the journalistic middlemen and just ask the questions themselves. It was the logical next step from the Jeff Gannon ploy.

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    M.Mawkish says:

    Just because it calls itself a scientist…

    The human race will one day split into two separate species, an attractive, intelligent ruling elite and an underclass of dim-witted, ugly goblin-like creatures, according to a top scientist.

    Rich people pretty, poor people, ugly!

    Men will have symmetrical facial features, deeper voices and bigger penises, according to Curry in a report commissioned for men’s satellite TV channel Bravo.

    Women will all have glossy hair, smooth hairless skin, large eyes and pert breasts, according to Curry.

    “Sure, I may be hung like a baby carrot and two petit pois now, but in a thousand years you’ll be able to play jump rope with my schlong,” is a great pick up line.

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