Is There A Payment Plan Available?

We have to do something about skyrocketing energy costs:

Perhaps his $24 billion electric bill will teach Richard Redden not to leave the heat running. Thanks to a printing error, Redden and more than 1,300 Weatherford utility customers this week received billion-dollar electric bills marked as late notices.

Irving-bases DataProse, which prints customer bills for Weatherford Electric, said the company was embarrassed by the error.

“Obviously, this is not something we are pleased about,” said Curtis Nelson, DataProse vice president and general manager.

Although in all probability, 24 billion will be peanuts after Bush gets done with his energy initiatives.

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  1. 1
    Pb says:

    I suggest that we join with our President in heavily investing in ethanol as a solution to our problems.

  2. 2
    salvage says:

    Although in all probability, 24 billion will be peanuts after Bush gets done with his energy initiatives.

    Geez John, can you leave the gratuitous Bush sniping to us official America haters? I think there are some demarcation issues here.

  3. 3
    Bruce Moomaw says:

    Well, gee, why doesn’t Redden just borrow the money? After all, deficits don’t count.

  4. 4
    RSA says:

    From the Detroit Free Press:

    The administration’s $24.3-billion budget for the Department of Energy includes large increases in research money for coal, biofuels and other power sources, . . .

    Coincidence? I think not. Bush is planning to balance the federal budget by sending bills directly to individuals. All he needs is one person to pay for each of his programs without thinking about it, and all our problems are solved.

  5. 5
    Gatchaman says:

    I done heat my house on the switchgrass!

  6. 6
    Tom Hilton says:

    When I pay my utility bill, I fly huge pallets of cash to PG&E and just assume they know what to do with it.

  7. 7
    demimondian says:

    Can I use the word “beclowned” to describe DataProse and its management? Or is the word banned in all contexts here on BJuice?

  8. 8
    Quickrob says:

    What, is there nothing better to post about?

  9. 9
    Dug Jay says:

    Quickrob is right. Where’s a post on the developing story on Obama and “Bruce?”

  10. 10
    Richard 23 says:

    Obama and Tammy Bruce? You don’t say! But isn’t this old news Dug?

    Or is there something more that you meant? I’ve been busy lately.

  11. 11

    At least if our currency inflates this badly, we won’t owe China shit. Look on the bright side of things, moonbats.

  12. 12
    craigie says:

    So it’s pay the electric bill, or buy a 2-bedroom house in California. Tough choice…

  13. 13
    yet another jeff says:

    I’m still hoping someone I know in Weatherford got one of these and can scan it for me. A jpg to treasure…

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