Semi-Weekly Republican Crook Watch

Let’s see who this week’s winner is:

Federal authorities in Arizona have opened an inquiry into whether Representative Rick Renzi introduced legislation that benefited a military contractor that employs his father, law enforcement officials said Tuesday.

Go to Election GuideMore Politics NewsThe officials said the inquiry was at an early stage and that no search warrants had been issued, suggesting that investigators had yet to determine whether there was a basis to open a formal investigation or empanel a grand jury.

Rick Renzi is our winner. Tune in Saturday to find out which Republican Congressman is now under investigation by the Feds.

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  1. 1
    jcricket says:

    With Abramoff getting a “desk” at the FBI and Noe’s (coin dealer scandal) wife apparently has some kind of video tape that implicates far more GOP officials in Ohio.

    It’s time to pull up a comfy chair and stock up on the popcorn.

  2. 2
    Dave says:

    This guy has got to be a pretty close second…

    Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Jim Gibbons is facing more tough questions on a whole new issue. These questions revolve around an illegal immigrant whom Gibbons and his wife Dawn employed as their housekeeper and babysitter.

    The woman, Patricia Pastor Sandoval, says she worked for the Gibbons’ for years and the family occasionally made her hide in the basement to keep her illegal status a secret.

    Full Story Here (swiped from TPM)

  3. 3
    Punchy says:

    The officials said the inquiry was at an early stage and that no search warrants had been issued,

    You can be damn sure the shredder has been working overtime, and Johnny Temp has been sent to Office Depot to buy another one, just for backup.

    As for Gibbons–just wait until voters hear the “illegal” part of immigrant. If THATS not a 30-second ad all by itself, than his opponent is a complete idiot.

  4. 4
    Pb says:

    And then of course we had Denny “nothing moves the blob” Hastert testifying to the Ethics Committee. Actually I’m just amazed that the Ethics Committee is doing anything, period. I’m confident that they’ll have this all wrapped up by November 8th or so…

  5. 5
    Rusty Shackleford says:

    But the Democrats have no plan!

  6. 6
    Steve says:

    OT, here is a piece I bet John will like, and maybe some of the rest of you, too.

  7. 7
    Tax Analyst says:

    It seems the only problem the Republicans have had over the past few years is finding a bigger Public Feeding Trough on which to gorge themselves. However, unlike the other problems at hand today they appear to have solved that one. Fiscal Responsibility? That’s for Wimps! A REAL MAN would spend every dollar in sight and borrow against tomorrow for more

  8. 8
    Punchy says:

    I’m confident that they’ll have this all wrapped up by November 8th 5th or so…

    Fixed. And the report will completely exonnerate (sp?) Hastert and all the other clowns involved. They want to be cleared BEFORE the elections, not after. And the date of this is the only variable…”guilty or not guilty” is not a variable in play here.

  9. 9

    I’m concerned. I was just listening to Rush Limbaugh and he said that Michael J. Fox is just pretending he has Parkinsons.

    Could this be true?

    – signed scs

  10. 10
    nick payne says:

    Rusty says the Dem’s don’t have a plan.

    Based on the clear success in Iraq, Republicans plans are clearly better

  11. 11
    RSA says:

    Parkinson’s Disease is just a liberal myth, an adult version of attention deficit disorder in children. What they all need is more discipline.

  12. 12
    Pixie says:

    You know, the funny thing was that this morning when I was combing the tangles out of my hair on the couch, I noticed the scroll at the bottom of the CNN channel which said that 40% believe Democrats are more ethical party while 49% believe the Republicans are the more ethical party. Maybe we need a few more pedophiles and white collar criminals in the Democratic party to boost those numbers.

  13. 13
    Tax Analyst says:

    TOS& RSA – Yes, “Fake Parkinson’s Syndrome”…just another Pernicious Liberal Hollywood Ploy (perpetrated by a CANADAIAN ACTOR, need I say more?)to unfairly influence the upcoming Elections by viciously pointing out that Stem-Cell Research MIGHT offer some hope to Parkinson’s sufferer’s in the future. Is there any end to their depravity?

  14. 14
    Perry Como says:

    Harry Reid!

  15. 15
    Zifnab says:

    But Nancy Pelosi wants to introduce legislation that will make your children gay.

  16. 16
    Dave says:

    No, no Zifnab, first she will turn the country over to the terrorists, then once we are all Muslims, then she will replace the stars and stripes with a rainbow flag, THEN she will work on passing legislation to turn your children gay and abort the ones that aren’t.

  17. 17
    Pb says:


    You sure it wasn’t 50/49 or something? CNN:

    The poll also showed the electorate was about evenly split when asked if Democrats and Republicans have high ethical standards. While respondents were slightly more sanguine about the Democrats’ ethics, the differences between the parties were within the sampling error.

  18. 18
    Pixie says:

    Yeah it was 40 /49 , I remember thinking wtf? That’s 89. I guess the remaining 11% have no opinion.

  19. 19
    Todd says:

    All of this is SHOCKING! Do you mean to say that there are nepotistically advantaged people running our affairs! Shocking! Balzac, …!

  20. 20
    Todd says:


    Speaking of nepotistically advanced people and gold coins, did you know that Taft’s last act as Ohio’s Hizzoner will be to complete the divestment of all potitical assets held by Ohio’s GOP and the good Taft name in particular. In this we are eternally thankful.

  21. 21
    jcricket says:

    The rare coin scandal is actually quite hilarious. It’s kind of a pathetic step-child to “real greed” (see Halliburton’s $9 billion in no-bid contracts in Iraq gone missing). I can’t wait till we see the video of Ney rolling around in a pile of gold coins yelling, “ye’ll never take me gold”

  22. 22
    DougJ says:

    Come on, what about Tammany Hall? How come you never talk about that?

  23. 23
    Jim O'Sullivan says:

    It’s good thing we Dems don’t have crooks like this running for… Hey, get away from my freezer!!
    William Jefferson

  24. 24
    DougJ says:

    You’re a moron, Jim.

  25. 25
    Tax Analyst says:

    DougJ – don’t you know that one case of Democratic Party malfeasance releases any and all cases of Republican Party malfeasance? That includes Past, Present, and of course, Future. It also adjusts for proportionality, hence starting a Pre-emptive War that causes tens of thousands of deaths and untold billions upon billions of $$$ on false pretenses and evidence is no worse that having Monica polish your head in the Oval Office. They’ll STILL be talking about blow-jobs when Clinton 90 years old…and we’ll still probably be trying to pay off the deficit the current clowns have managed to manufacture out of a rather healthy surplus…well, maybe you will – I doubt I’ll be around to see that Mortgage bill burned…

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