Let’s Go Eers

Almost forgot- let’s go Eers!

*** Update ***

Damnit to hell. Guess I will have to settle for a SuperBowl and a Sugar Bowl in 2006.

At least Duke lost and I can quit hearing about J.J.

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    Zifnab says:

    UT’s totally got you beat, John. :-p

  2. 2
    4jkb4ia says:

    John! Breathe! It’s only the first half yet!

  3. 3
    Nate says:

    Oh my God, nobody cares about basketball when BushCo is destroying our country with their LIES, GREED, CORRUPTION, ETC.!

    Also, my bracket’s already fucked anyway.

  4. 4
    BB says:

    Care to comment on the escalating list of screw-ups by Ben Domenech in this plagiarizing bit? I love your blog here, as you’re an honest conservative, but I figured you ought to say something as your name is still listed over there on Redstate (I thought they would have removed you by now for speaking ill of the GOP). As I have long despised Augustine over there, I can’t say I’m not having a bit of schadenfreude about this. Keep up the good work here though, I look forward to your conservative arguments when we return to saner times.

  5. 5
    Andrew says:

    Geaux Tigers!!!!!!

    JJ GOES DOWN. 3-18, 11 pts. Cries at end of game.

    Life is good.

  6. 6
    SoCalJustice says:

    My bracket needs this win.

    (A Memphis loss would have helped – sigh).

    It needs the UCLA comeback too.

    I had Duke winning too – but that loss was so much fun I don’t care.

    C’mon Pittsnoggle & Co.!

  7. 7
    SoCalJustice says:

    Gansey is so good.

  8. 8
    Pooh says:

    Breathe John. (Sorry dude)

  9. 9
    SoCalJustice says:

    holy…. ugh.

  10. 10
    Pooh says:

    Seriously, how the fuck does that bullshit go in?

  11. 11
    4jkb4ia says:


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    db says:

    I’m so sorry, John… I’ve been on the losing end so many times I know what it feels like. Hey, but your Steelers got one this year for you.

  13. 13
    Pooh says:

    At least Duke lost and I can quit hearing about J.J.

    See, I come here and commiserate, and you have to keep on with the JJ hate…

  14. 14
    SoCalJustice says:

    The Bruins are getting jobbed by the refs.

    Gus Johnson just said, “the calls are looking a bit one sided.”

    For a CBS announcer to say that during the game…..

  15. 15
    Pooh says:

    Elmore is just being a ninny, the UCLA guy put his shoulder into the center of Batista’s chest and he wants a foul on the D?

  16. 16
    Pooh says:

    Ok, that might have been a foul…

  17. 17
    SoCalJustice says:

    and they waved that continuation off?


  18. 18
    Pooh says:

    OK, that maybe should have been an and one…

  19. 19
    SoCalJustice says:

    Maybe – but Morrison was barely touched on the other end right and got “fouled,” immediately after that non-call.

  20. 20
    SoCalJustice says:


  21. 21
  22. 22
    Pooh says:

    Oh man, I thought that was good

  23. 23
    SoCalJustice says:


  24. 24
    Andrew says:

    Holy shit balls of fire.

    Those were two insane endings.

  25. 25
    Vladi G says:

    Cry, Adam Morrison. Cry, you little bitch.

    If I had a vote for player of the year, as much as I passionately hate Duke, it would go to JJ Redick after tonight’s games. I’m already a slow white guy. If I was 6’8″ and allowed to foul on EVERY SINGLE offensive posession, I’m pretty sure I could get 30 points a game, too.

    And Ced Bozeman…I have a major man-crush on him. He refused to let his career end tonight.

    We are the Mighty Bruins,
    The best team in the West.
    We’re marching on to victory,
    To conquer all the rest.

    We are the Mighty Bruins,
    Triumphant evermore.
    You can hear from far and near,
    The Mighty Bruin roar!

    U! (3 claps)
    C! (3 claps)
    L! (3 claps)
    A! (3 claps)

    U-C-L-A! Fight! Fight! Fight!

  26. 26
    Steve says:

    Those two thrillers pretty much saved my brackets from oblivion.

    Tomorrow is another night, though. Easy come, easy go.

  27. 27
    Gray says:

    “Duke lost”???
    Duke Nukem?
    Can’t be!

  28. 28
    Mr Furious says:

    Your Mountaineers wer looking pretty good there at the end, John. I have always liked Rick Barnes (he’s a Big East guy to me), but I was puling WV last night, and couldn’t stop thinking about you while watching.

    At least it might have been more of a band-aid ripping off to have the one shot dagger at the buzzer than the slow, choking, unravelling that Gonzaga endured. Those guys were crying before the clock had even expired…

    Morrison is a stud, but that was hardly seemed as complete a team as the Dickau or Santangelo Zag squads.

  29. 29
    ats says:

    Duke didn’t have enough to win this year. I think Coach K did a superb job coping with having only two first-team all-americans, 7 McDonalds all-stars, and several games played with his personal referee team suspended.

    And don’t be so hard on JJ Redick. He wasn’t sobbing over shooting 3-18; he was weeping over having to spend three more months in Durham before he signs with the European League as an undrafted free agent.

    Meanwhile, Greg Paulus is Duke”s future. Rumor has it that Coach K will exhume Dean Smith’s 4 corners to better utilize his athleticism.

  30. 30
    Mr Furious says:

    Undrafted? I don’t think so. JJ will do fine in the NBA as the next Danny Ainge (upside) or Steve Kerr off the bench (downside).

    And yes, those are the players I reference, because it’s been that long since I gave a shit about the NBA.

  31. 31
    Joey says:

    Morrison is one dirty son of a bitch. I’m almost as glad to his goofy ass go as I am to see JJ go.

  32. 32

    Wow, those games had to be heartbreaking for their fans.

    WVU and Gonzaga fans basically had their hearts ripped out. I’d say its slightly worse for Gonzaga fans, since they had the game . . . they HAD IT! The whole game. WVU fans were preparing themselves, at least. It was a close one, it could go either way . . . at no point did they feel, I think, they had it.

    The Gonzaga game . . . UCLA NEVER LED until that final shot. Not once. The Zags were up by 17 at one point. Sure, UCLA was making a bit close, but I doubt Zags fans took the possibility they could actually lose this one seriously until the last minute of the game. Only then did it hit them. In other words, they had been confident, and had that ripped out, which is a worse feeling.

    I can’t blame the Zag players for crying before the end. They HAD it, and the overwhelming feeling of having it taken away after being so on top of the world had to be hard to bear.

    Still, both are horrible ways to lose a basketball game. (And thrilling ways to win.)

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