Kaddish, for a Monday Night Ravens Game

Prepare the first paper cup of Yuengling.

The first question:

Why is this game unlike other games?

Answer: On this game, unlike all other games, the Steelers have the opportunity to humiliate the Ravens, the true successor to the hated Cleveland Browns, before an appreciative home crowd.

Second question:

Why on this night, unlike all other nights, do we root for a total and humiliating rout, when on other nights a dignified victory will suffice?

Answer: Because the Ravens are a bunch of undisciplined criminals who can’t go five plays without some sort of foul. And because the Cowboys aren’t in our division.

Drink the first Yuengling and sing the superbowl song.


Off to enjoy the game. I would be getting pissed out of my skull enjoying the pre-game atmosphere but I had to teach.

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    LancasterDC says:

    I’ve lurked here forever and Tim, you’ve brought out my first post to sing the praises of Yuengling. Maybe I hold some special reverence for this fine brew because it was the beer of my collegiate formulative drinking years, but for $5/6-pack it just dosen’t get any better. I welcome all challengers.

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    Otto Man says:

    Yuengling and Ravens hating. Two of my favorite pastimes.

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    Dungheap says:

    Mmmmmm . . . Yuengling

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