Daylight Savings Saving Time

Don’t forget, clocks ‘fall back’ an hour tonight.

I am glad this is the age of the DVD, because the permanent flashing of ’12:00′ on my VCR combined with a series of appliance clocks that were an hour off 6 months of the year was a constant reminder of my personal failings.

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    Doug says:

    Just being pedantic, but it’s “Daylight Saving Time.” (No “s” on the end of “saving.”)

    This is the last time Indiana won’t have to mess with a clock change.

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    Ancient Purple says:

    Just a bit of trivia for you all in the DST states.

    Arizona did try DST one year. One year. It took the AZ Legislature literally minutes to pull Arizona off DST because of the public outcry. The only thing missing were the pitchforks and torches at the state capitol.

    What sparked the outcry was the fact that due to the summer heat, kids started school very early so they could be home before the main heat of the day. This meant, however, that kids were going to school when it was pitch black outside.

    Of course, it also meant the sun set at 9:30 PM.

    Between the parents and farmers, it all fell apart very quickly.

    Long live DST… but not in Arizona, Indiana, Hawaii and the possessions.

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    a guy called larry says:

    This is the last time Indiana won’t have to mess with a clock change

    Why’s that? I thought the crazy quilt of “fast time” and “slow time” was quaint and charming. Sorta like the Geneva Convention.

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    a guy called larry says:

    I just found this. Them internets is pretty good thing. I’m going to miss the confusion, even though I don’t go there much these days.

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    Big Al says:

    The whole idea of fooling with the clocks twice a year is insane. If people want to get up early to go to work let them take a vote at their place of business, and if enough agree start an hour early. I hear now they want to extend the period when the clocks go forward, a couple of more moves like that and the clocks will be permanently ahead, until the clowns start wanting to change the clocks twice a year, just like their grandparents did.

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    Otto Man says:

    This day always reminds me of the Grandpa Jones song “Daylight Saving Time.” If you’re into old-coot country, it’s a keeper.

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