The Trouble With Iran

While everyone is focussing on Iran’s brinksmanship regarding international pressure to scale back/halt their nuclear development, Publis Pundit reports on some of Iran’s other doings:

Iran’s president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad’s spiritual guide, Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Messbaah-Yazdi, is also the brains behind recruiting suicide bombers. He does so via ads placed in some of the Iranian daily papers…

Nourizadeh also reports that the volunteers are put through rigorous training in four camps funded and run by Al-Quds Brigade (a.k.a. The Jerusalem Brigade) and the Revolutionary Guard. The boot camp includes physical training, ideological indoctrination, building explosives, code-cracking classes, and finally foreign languages classes, specifically Arabic and English as well as many other ‘useful’ languages.

The terrorist-breeding regime of the Mullacracy has also now taken to pitching tents in the streets of Tehran in order to facilitate the registration process for those interested in joining up. An approximate 95% majority of those registering are in fact Iraqi, Syrian, Afghani and Palestinian. Iranians registering are recruited from among the poor.

Read the whole depressing thing, including the reports that suicide bombers are being deployed nationwide to quell domestic political uprisings.

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    DCAl says:


    I am pretty sure that there have been 0 documented cases of suicide bombers in Iran, or being Iranian. Suicide bombing is a Sunni/Wahabbi tactic. The claim you quote is doubtful, and likely more anti-Iran fear-mongering in order to drum up support for action against Iran as a threat.



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    Barry says:

    Governments usually don’t need something like that in their own territories; they can send in overwhelming force. And I haven’t heard a peep in any MSM about Iranian suicide bombers. All of the captured foreigners seem to be Sunni.

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