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First, the new Serenity trailer is up. Check it out.

Second, I am finished Angel Season 5, and I am furious it got cancelled.

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    Gary Farber says:

    I posted mine here (before yours, ha! ;-)).

    Smile Time (the puppet ep) is nominated for the Hugo Awards in Best Short-Form Dramatic Presentation, this year, by the way; winner to be announced, as ever, at Worldcon, on August 7th.

    Not Fade Away is also nominated.

    Boreanz has a new, non-supernatural, series in production, you know, although this interests me vastly less than anything connected to Whedon.

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    halffasthero says:

    I just saw Smile Time and thought it was brilliant! I agree that Angel should have never been cancelled. The writing on it was still strong and they had not tire out their formula.

    I did get interested in a show called Arrested Development which I had seen the the first season of on dvd. That is a must see as well – and it isn’t cancelled.

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    Stormy70 says:

    I just watched Buffy’s “The Body” yesterday. Whoa. I’ve seen alot of Angel, but I would like to see it from the beginning, with all episodes back to back.

    Still haven’t seen the season of Firefly, but I would like to before the movie comes out.

    Angel’s new series has something to do with bones. I think it is more forensic in nature, though. Whatev, I’ll check it out.

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    CaseyL says:

    The trailer’s amazing.

    I never watched the show, though I know a little about what it was about. Should I watch the series before the movie? Will the movie make no sense if I haven’t seen the series?

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    Gary Farber says:

    It looks like the movie is, as is inevitable, designed to be seen by people who have never seen the show. In fact, it appears that it rather recapitulates, to some degree, what we’ve already learned about River, and essentially condenses down what was intended to be the major plot thread on the show over the (prematurely cancelled) following two years.

    So I doubt it’s “necessary” to see the episodes. On the other hand, you’ll bring a lot more to the film if you go in already knowing the personalities (which is what it’s all about, really) and the (rather brief, all things considered) history.

    But you can probably wait until after the movie, if you prefer. Of course, it’s hard to give the best possible answer without having yet seen the film. Who knows, maybe it will be more fun to be more surprised?

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    John B. says:

    Yes, you should watch the series first. The movie is a continuation of the TV show. You might as well get to know the characters before the movie. It’s playing on the SciFi Channel at the moment. Watch the 2 hour series premier first! You may have to rent it, since it already played on TV, I think.

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    Don says:

    I think you can only help yourself by watching the episodes. Personally I think it’s inevitable that in watching them you develop an affection for the characters – who are wonderfully written and skillfully acted – and how bad can it be to walk into a movie already loving the cast?

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    HH says:

    FYI Firefly reruns on Sci-Fi Channel and Joss and five cast members (plus Mercedes “Harmony” McNab) hit Dragon*Con in a month.

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