I Lied

Whoever thinks I have gone crazy should go here and watch people who hate Arnold Schwarzanalphabet really make themselves look silly.

Now I am taking a break.

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    aw says:

    How far could he take this before it wouldn’t be silly anymore?

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    John Cole says:

    I think it is a silly claim from the get-go. I had to watch it four times to make out the products in there, and I would be willing to bet Pepsico donated to Gray Davis and Cruz Bustamante.

    Looks to me like they were pretty clearly at a cafeteria eating lunch.

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    BadTux says:

    This was a spoof. Tell me this was a spoof. Nobody could really be this clueless, right? While there are plenty of real reasons to dislike the Gropenator, such as his failure to balance the state budget, this is… uhm… stupid?

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    neil says:

    According to the press release, the ad contains visible logos for five different PepsiCo products.

    I just don’t find it plausible that the Hollywood governor would a) make a real political ad at an un-staged meeting without makeup or prop control or anything; b) have a production team so sloppy that they would put all those logos in by mistake. Keep in mind that if Arrowhead or Pepsi didn’t like their products being associated with a politician, they could sue. Why take the chance? Most filmmakers don’t and that’s why you don’t generally see corporate logos in movies and TV shows except in the case of product placement. Read this, for instance.

    The Terminator movies had a ridiculous amount of Pepsi product placement, if I recall.

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    Oberon says:

    Speaking as fan of Gov. Ahnuld: Fleming’s right — showing Pepsi’s sodas, waters, and chips was absolutely done on purpose. No way this happens unless someone did it on purpose.

    I have no idea if Pepsi paid to be in the commercial, or if was just a “favor” from the Governator. But hey, if the Gov’s going to do favors for political supporters, this is as harmless as it can get. Still weird, though.

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    BadTux says:

    Oh come on now. I cannot believe we’re talking about product placements when the state is damn near bankrupt and the Governator’s doing nothing to rein in spending and fix the tax system except flexing his blubber and doing stupid political stunts. This is *STUPID*. There’s real issues to talk about. What next, are we gonna talk about the Michael Jackson trial or the runaway bride?! Sheesh.

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