Curious, George!

American Spectator.

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    Rick says:


    While it may upset some of the new leftie crowd here, David Horowitz (David Brock in reverse) has more proof of Galloway’s sack-of-shitdom here.


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    Compuglobalhypermeganet says:

    Galloway, a liar? Next thing you’ll tell me is that water is wet. Commie George is only a passing acquaintance of the truth.

    His two most transparent lies in D.C. were that he was already “up 150,000 pounds” (if I recall the figure correctly) through libel suits on these charges — those were actually different bribery charges involving cash unrelated to the oil bribes — and that he was speaking to a committee of Republican lickspittles, which must’ve come as a great shock to Sen. Waxman (D. and Bush-hater)!

    By the way, I’m just guessing that George will come up with this brilliant response to Gooding’s research:

    “It’s all forgeries by the warmongering fascists who worship George Bush and want to turn the US into a theocracy!”

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    Rick says:

    Gotta work Limbaugh into that somewhere. Style points, you know, for the French judges.


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    Grotesqueticle says:

    “The fact is that many people like this fellow refuse to recognize that there even is a left in the West, let alone that it is working day and night to undermine the institutions of American society, sabotage our nation’s war on terror and help our enemies to prevail”

    Nice link there, Rick. That is EGGSZACKLY what we on the left are striving to do, undermine the institutions of American society and help our enemies to prevail.
    I didn’t need to read past that sentence.

    03groundpounder here, you?

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    SeesThroughIt says:

    “It’s all forgeries by the warmongering fascists who worship George Bush and want to turn the US into a theocracy!”

    Am I to take it that this is supposed to be the left wing’s version of the right wing’s bullshit “liberal media bias” meme?

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    Rick says:


    CPO chairborne ranger, ret. What about it.

    Didn’t I mention Horowitz is a reverse David Brock? Translation: hyperbole ahead, proceed with caution.

    But ain’t Galloway a piece of sh…work, though?


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    Grotesqueticle says:


    Yeah, he is a, how can I put this and still retain my cred as a liberal, Shady mofo.
    Sorry about my own hyperbole, I was running out the door as I typed it and more than a tad drunk (wasn’t driving). Still, I loved the almost unreported ass-ripping he gave congress last week.

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    Rick says:

    An Ollie North moment?


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    Geek, Esq. says:

    Galloway is anti-democratic scum–a liar, bootlicker of dictators, and ally of those who would destroy Western civilization.

    That he was able to whip Norm Coleman’s ass says more about the relative qualities of UK and US legislators than anything else.

    Of course, it was my boy Carl Levin that really nailed his sorry ass.

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