The Boys of Company H

Just watched what those poor bastards had to go through on Iwo Jima in Discovery HD.


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    Lee says:

    Yes, very tough men. Gentleman that goes to my Church fought on Guadalcanal. Special generation of people.

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    Libertine says:

    I spent the day remembering the brave Americans who put their lives on the line and often died defending us…

    I passed up the chance to watch my beloved Red Sox tonight so I could watch the movie Patton, in fact all I watched were war movies today. In Patton I was reminded of the sacrifices of the 101st Airborne at Bastogne…and the terrible price paid on D-Day…the losses of the crews of the USS Arizona and Indianapolis…the men in the Bataan Death March…and of course Iwo Jima. What terrible sacrifices were paid by all those brave men. But I would like to remember all the people who died in service to their country through our history…

    The American Revolution
    The War of 1812
    The Mexican-American War
    The War of the States (Confederate and Union)
    The Spanish-American War
    The Korean War
    The Vietnam War
    The Gulf War
    The Afghan War
    The Iraq War

    We really should be thanking them everyday not just once a year. But today I am thinking most about our men and women in Iraq right now…hoping they ALL get home soon and in one piece.

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    BadTux says:

    Other wars we’ve fought that you don’t list here (I’m just listing the ones for which someone won the Medal of Honor, I am by no means listing every instance in which U.S. troops went into battle overseas):

    1871 — Korea
    1861-1898 – American Indian campaigns.
    1899 — Samoan campaign
    1899-1911 — Phillipine-American War (sometimes divided into “Phillipine Insurrection” and “Moro Wars”, brought the famed Colt 1911 .45 caliber pistol into service when it was discovered that the .38 caliber revolvers previously used simply did not have the stopping power needed).
    1900 — Boxer Rebellion
    1912 — Nicarauguan Campaign
    1914 — Mexican Campaign
    1915 — Haiti
    1916 — Dominican Campaign
    1919-1920 — Second Haiti Campaign
    1926-1933 — Second Nicaraguan Campaign
    1993 — Somalia

    As I said, I have only listed the less-well-known actions wars for which the Medal of Honor has been awarded. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the times that American soldiers have been sent to war overseas, often on the most feeble of pretences. Still, even this list is a sobering one, if, like me, you believe that the role of the U.S. military is to defend America and Americans. Too often — far too often — the U.S. military has been deployed in places it had no business being sent, whether we are talking about Nicaraugua in 1926 or Somalia in 1992, for reasons that had nothing to do with defending our nation and its freedoms. Sobering thought, indeed… yet even when sent to war for the most bogus of reasons, our men and women in uniform have served honorably. That is worthy of respect no matter your political views regarding some of the wars they’ve been sent to fight.

    — Badtux the Patriotic Penguin

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    Thomas says:

    I saw that last nite. Amazing, amazing fighting they had to go through.

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