People and Their Pets

Has there been any serious research into why human beings love pets so much? It seems to me that certain cultures are more in love with pets than others, as well. Part of me simply thinks it fulfills a human need to love and be loved unconditionally, which would explain why one of the signs of sociopaths is cruelty to animals at an earlier age, but that doesn’t explain the cultural divergences.

Just curious.

The Microsoft Myth?

Richard Bennett discusses the attack on Microsoft for ‘pulling’ support for a gay rights bill. What is really at play- according to Richard, the AFL-CIO and free trade. Go check it out

Jailhouse Death?

Go view this videotape of 11 Sheriff’s deputies tasing a man five times on the chest while taunting him, and tell me if they should have been cleared of any wrong-doing.

Yes, the man was wrong for his violent behavior, but it appears this was pretty clearly excessive force. At the least, tasering someone five times in the chest is negligent.

Did I mention the man was handcuffed?

The Judges and Compromise

Again, I think judges should just be voted on, yet I also am worried about the ramifications of breaking the tradition the Senate has followed for years. However, I find all this talk of compromise to be silly for several reasons:

1.) This is not something either side wants resolved with compromise, because both sides want their way and both sides want the issue. Democrats want to block the judges, alternately, they think it is in their political interest to paint all Republicans as extremists.

Republicans want to have these judges rammed through, and barring that, are perfectly content to paint all Democrats as obstructionist.

In the weird world of Washington, particularly with this case, compromise is not in the self interest of either party.

2.) I am probably going to regret giving Democrats this talking point, but for the life of me, I don’t know why the Democratic response to talks of compromise hasn’t been something along the following:

Talking Head: What about reports of a compromose on the issue of judical nominees? Are you making any progress?”

Sen. Reid: Compromise? The Senate has confirmed X judges (I don’t know the exact number), and we are only blocking a few extremists- to be exact, ten. In my world, that is a compromise.

Or something like that. It seems to me with our lapdog media, that would resonate in the meme circles. Are the Democrats just this incompetent?

Kerry and Form 180

John Kerry still has not released his military records (paging Kevin Drum), but Decision ’08 is on it for us:

In a hastily organized news conference, a spokesman for the Perpetual John Kerry for President Campaign said the initial phases of “Operation Sign Form SF-180” were going better than expected. Specifically, in the 90 days since Kerry promised on national television to sign the form releasing his military records, the following milestones have been achieved:

– a pen has been procured from a Walmart on the outskirts of Little Rock “for substantially less than the $12,000 budgeted”;

– a special committee has been formed to discuss the best way to remove the cap from the pen;

Read the whole thing. (via the Powerline)