Really, Please Vote for Us

Via Kevin Drum, I see the Democrats not only have a new opinion abnout healthcare, but they also have a whole new platform they intend to roll out:

The Democrats, after all, have no hope of getting any of these things passed over the next four years. Especially since House Speaker Dennis Hastert has already declared that no bill will get by the lower chamber unless it has the support of a majority of Republicans. So the Democrats don’t need to craft bills that hew closely to political reality. Like Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite, they can promise that “If you vote for me, all of your wildest dreams will come true.” So on education, for instance, they could have proposed universal preschool. On voting reform, they could have promised to abolish the electoral college, or eliminate gerrymandering. On budget reform, they could have vowed to “end corporate pork as we know it”. What? These things will never happen, you say? Who cares? The goal of an opposition agenda isn’t to get stuff passed through Congress; the goal is to define what the opposition party stands for.

Possible Slogan: Vote Democrat- We’re not serious about ANYTHING!

I hope they do it, though. I can’t wait to see the cognitive dissonance when they start bitching about budget deificits after rolling out this platform.

By contrast, when the GOP was out of power, they drew up a list of attainable goals and named it the Contract With America and were swept into power. But really- Democrats are the ‘reality-based’ party. Just ask them.

Gimme A Break

It appears the barking moonbat wing of the Democratic party has a new position on Health Care:

Dentistry is bad.

Altered Reality

If you ever wondered why Democrats are out of power, check out this post from Jesse.

To make a long story short, Barbara Boxer repeatedly called Condi RIce a liar, Condi responded that Boxer should not impugn her integrity- which is Washingtonspoeak for ‘stop calling me a liar’- and then Barbara Boxer goes all over the place and tells anyone who will listen that Rice atacke her.

And Jesse buys it, hook, line, and sinker. These people have lost their damned minds.

What is so disgusting about Boxer’s behavior is that they have no intention nor ability of blocking her nomination. They just want to weaken her so they can score pointa against this administration and the majority party in general.

Thanks guys- publicly weakening our represenative to the world for nothing other than partisan gain. Assholes.

And don’t tell me this isn’t about grandstanding. There is a reason Boxer alerted the media days before the Rice hearings. She wanted the press, and that was it. This isn’t about a consitutional duty. This is about petty politics.


Sorry, but I don’t feel like blogging today. I don’t feel like doing anything today.

Life sucks. IF we had done anything more than winning the coin toss, I could accept this. But that was just a total collapse.


Patriots win, 41-27. This was the worst loss for me- ever. Cowher is now 1-4 in AFC Championship games.

That really says it all.