Oliver Willis, Fashion Critic

Apparently the Democrats have some heady issues to tackle with this administration and Republicans in general.

What is the word I am looking for? Oh, yes- ankle-biter.


I, like most people, am well aware that things are not going 100% in the direction that we want them to in Iraq. However, one thing I do not understand is why many in the media and in the left-wing of the blogosphere feel the need to be so overtly pessimistic about the elections being held this week-end.

I understand the need not to whitewash what is going on over there, yet at the same time, I am not sure what weeks worth of pessimism accomplishes. If the elections go badly, we can be sure there will be a self-serving orgy of Bush-bashing. But can’t they at least be optimistic or neutral until something actually happens? Or is this just premature framing, so that no matter what the outcome is, the elections can be portrayed in a negative light?


What happens in the MSM when a former Klansmen is the leading attack dog of a black nominee for Secretary of State? Why, nothing- if he is a Democrat.

But Jeff Goldstein gets in a few licks.

They Aren’t Even Trying to Be Discreet

If you had any doubt that the recent disgusting behavior by the Democrats was anything more than partisan politics, this should end any delusions:

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee on Tuesday sought to capitalize on sharp questioning of Rice during her confirmation hearings. The DSCC sent a fund-raising e-mail signed by Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), with the subject line “Taking a Stand.”

“I will continue to make my voice heard on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, but in order to put the brakes on four more years of misdirection in Iraq and reckless policies at home, we need to elect more Democrats to the Senate during the 2006 midterm elections,” Boxer wrote, noting her questioning of Rice. “Click here to contribute to the DSCC today.”

So Barbara Boxer alerts the media ahead of time that she is going to grill Rice. Then she calls Rice a liar. Rice responds. Boxer then whines that Rice attacked her. Meanwhile, Boxer and the DSCC are using the event to raise money.

GHot it- Make sure the media covers the story, then bilk some loot from the public after they see the story in the media. Yet the old guard still does not realize that we see through them:

Byrd, the longest-serving Democratic senator and a student of the Constitution, insisted that his party is merely doing its duty.

“I am particularly dismayed by criticism I have read that Senate Democrats by insisting on having the opportunity to debate this nomination have somehow been engaged in nothing more substantial than petty politics or partisan delaying tactics,” Byrd said, his voice rising in anger.

But they aren’t even trying to hide the political nature of their grandstanding. A national party no more…

Precisely My Point

The stark raving mad wing of the Democratic party isn’t even bothering to hid who they are anymore. The latest is this post from Oliver titled “Has John Cole In A Coma, Or Just Brain Dead?” (I have no idea what the hell he means, either) which ostensibly is a response to this post I made earlier.

Oliver apparently takes issue with this statement I made:

What is so disgusting about Boxer’s behavior is that they have no intention nor ability of blocking her nomination. They just want to weaken her so they can score pointa against this administration and the majority party in general.

Thanks guys- publicly weakening our represenative to the world for nothing other than partisan gain.

Oliver’s response:

God knows, the Republican party has never ever tried to politically assault a Democrat in order to weaken him and as a result interfere in our international relations.

In other words, Oliver is still fighting the Clinton impeachment. I guess we are to conclude that Oliver felt the Clinton impeachment was unjust and politically motivated, yet he, not I, makes the argument that the same thing is going on in the Rice confirmation hearings. I am glad we can both agree that this is nothing more than a politically motivated campaign.

It is straightforward and simple- there is no goal for the extension and tone of the confirmation hearings other than revenge, petty partisan politics, and to weaken this administration.

They aren’t even pretending anymore- they are admitting straightforward that they are nothing more than partisan hacks. However, Oliver keeps claiming that he is a ‘moderate.’ I would hate to meet the radicals.