Depressing Note

Today is the season finale versus the Bills, which means that I am only guaranteed 8 more quarters of Steelers football before the long dark desolate season begins. After the Superbowl ends, I am moody and emotional for several weeks as I go through football withdrawal.

Bowl Mania

For years, I have been an advocate for a national playoff in college football, as it simply is unfair to many teams to be left out of the mix because of nonsense like “strength of schedule.” When you schedule 11 games, and your kids win them all, what elese can they do? Run up the score to encourage poor sportsmanship?

However, I have decided today that I am against a playoff system. To work fairly, it would take too many weeks, and I don;t think we need to spend another 6 weeks distracting from other student activities. Like class, for example.

When I was a kid, I remember watching the Rose Bowl parade and the Rose Bowl, and Keith Jackson was covering it then, too (how many if you are aware he is in the Rose Bowl HoF?)> At any rate- maybe it is my proximity to Ohio State and Penn State, but winning the Rose Bowl was something. Something big. I assume the same thing is true for other regions- I know the Sugar Bowl and the Cotton Bowls always stick out in my memories from the 70’s and 80’s, as well as the Citrus Bowl.

My suggestion? Get rid of the whole concept of #1 in the nation, as there is no way to verify this with any realistic system. LEt the people vote, and you can cover it if you want to, but what should be listed next to the AP TOP 25 are the actual top 3 teams by record for each conference. Then set it up in a revolving manner that different winners of each conference play the winner of a different conference every year. Those conference matchups could be the Rose, Orange, Citrus, etc. And that would be it. The smaller bowls could invite whoever the hell they want.

There is no way to determine the national champion. Let’s quit pretending there is, and return to the good old days- when winning the Cotton Bowl meant something,.

I’ll Second That

Here is a resolution I should make:

I resolve to be less of an asshole to those who don’t deserve it, and more of one to those that do.

Get a Grip

Dear Mr. Madsen,

‘State of Fear’ is a work of fiction, you reactionary dolt. It isn’t like Crichton is pretending this is a documentary, or something.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

My WVu Mountaineers celebrated the New Year by forgetting to show up for their bowl game. Florida State humiliated them.