The Daily Dump

Andrew Sullivan, 11:41 am today:

I’m particularly worried that the blogosphere has become far more knee-jerk, shrill and partisan since the days when I first started blogging. Some of that’s healthy and inevitable; but too much is damaging.

Several hours later, Coy Andy reads this quote from President:

President Bush said yesterday that he doesn’t “see how you can be president without a relationship with the Lord,” but that he is always mindful to protect the right of others to worship or not worship.

Mr. Bush told editors and reporters of The Washington Times yesterday in an interview in the Oval Office that many in the public misunderstand the role of faith in his life and his view of the proper relationship between religion and the government.

“I think people attack me because they are fearful that I will then say that you’re not equally as patriotic if you’re not a religious person,” Mr. Bush said. “I’ve never said that. I’ve never acted like that. I think that’s just the way it is.

“On the other hand, I think more and more people understand the importance of faith in their life,” he said. “America is a remarkable place when it comes to religion and faith. We had people come to our rallies who were there specifically to say, ‘I’m here to pray for you, let you know I’m praying for you.’ And I was very grateful about that.”

Andy’s response, 2:54 pm:

So, out of his beneficence, he won’t trample on others’ religious freedom. But the White House? That’s for Christians only. No Jews? Or atheists? Notice also the evangelical notion of a personal “relationship” with the Lord. That also indicates suspicion of those Christians with different approaches to the divine. I must say this is a new level of religio-political fusion in this administration. To restrict the presidency to a particular religious faith is anathema to this country’s traditions and to the task of toleration. The president surely needs to retract the statement.

What an asshole. Where did the President says no jews or atheists need apply? What suggests suspicion? Where is he restricting the office to those of a specific faith? All he said was that he does not understand how someone could be president without having a strong reliance on faith and concomitant belief in God.

I am pretty areligious (a helluva lot closer to atheist than Andy is), and I understood his damned remarks. Do anti-retro virals make you nuts, or has Andy been this big of an asshole all along and his true colors are finally showing? All he does anymore is willfully distort what other people say.

And what kills me is he makes 100k a year through tips and donations. Maybe I should go insane publicly- might sell some blogads or get me tips.

The Torture Myth

Anne Applebaum discusses what should be the most salient issue regarding theuse of torture, particularly for the ends/means crowd-

There is little evidence torture works.

It seems to me the efficacy of an action should be debated prior to any ethical or legal argument, and rom what I have read from numerous sources, there is little evidence that torture works.

The End of The Road

Ifyou remember, the great hope of the Democrats in 2003 to demolish this administration was the Plame ‘scandal.’ Read this Washington Post editorial describing the scandal, which appears to have passed away calmly while sleeping.

Winning HEarts and Minds, Pt. 2


Mr Thammasaroj says the United States must take some of the blame for the number of casualties. He believes that if the Hawaii-based Pacific tsunami warning centre had acted quickly enough many lives could have been saved.
“I’m not angry at them for failing to warn Thailand, because at that time they did not know for sure, they merely said a tsunami was possible after the earthquake,” he said .

But after the giant waves hit southern Thailand the centre had more than an hour to alert India, Bangladesh and the Maldives, “and if they warned those countries, they could have saved thousands of lives.

“It’s their failure to do so that makes me mad at them,” said Mr Thammasaroj.

Workers at the Hawaii centre have said they tried in vain to warn Indian Ocean countries about the possible effects of the earthquake, but they were not equipped to monitor that part of the world and did not even have phone numbers for the right officials.

Discuss- I am verklempt. And this isn’t just some idiot who knows nothing- this is the newly appointed minister for natural disasters in Thailand. He knows better that there was nothing that could be done, yet blames us anyway. It’s like he has been hanging out with Andrew Sullivan or something.

Winning Hearts and Minds

Some things you have to read several times in order to make sure you understood what you read. This is one:

The aircraft carrier leading the U.S. military’s tsunami relief effort steamed out of Indonesian waters Wednesday because the country declined to let the ship’s fighter pilots use its airspace for training missions.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Marines have scaled back their planned contribution to the aid operation after compromising with the Indonesian military and agreeing not to carry weapons or set up a base camp on Indonesian soil.