Steelers Win- Barely

The Steelers played their worst football of the year, yet still managed, with ta helluva lot of luck, to squeak out a win in overtime. This was the most mentally and physically exhausting game for me ever, and I spent the last hour alternating between tears of joy and the thrill of future gridiron glory and tears of agony.

The final score was 20-17, and I just don’t know what to say about the Jets. I feel bad for their fans, but I refuse to feel bad for the players. To feel pity for them would be to diminish the respect I have for them, as they have nothing to be upset about or ashamed of regarding this season. They are truly a great team- scrappy, resilient, tough, and confident, and they are going to have a great future.

At any rate, it is over, and my beloved Stillers move on. Thank God.

Unfair Treatment

A much as it pains me to say this, I think that Kos and company are not being treated fairly regarding this Dean payment nonsense, and that the Instapundit (*** Upodate *** I misinterpreted Glennn- his point was that Kos is being treated more favorably than kos et. al would treat conservative bloggers if they were in his position, something I tend to agree with) and others are not getting it right.

Let me first state that I would be the first to bash Kos if I thought he had done something unseemly, but in this case, he is simply getting a bad rap. Let’s review:

– Armstrong Williams is secretly paid $240,000 to be an advocate for administration policies, informing no one of the payment.

– The DasvhlevThune blog is secretly paid by the Thune campaign, all the while representing itself as mere partisan supporters.

– Kos and his associate are paid to do political work for the Dean campaign, disclose their relationship repeatedly, and make sure that people know that they are working for Dean and support Dean.

How anyone can confuse this issue and think it is the same thing is simply beyond me. While the Armstrong Williams and DaschlevThune cases are clear conflicts of interest, with no disclosure, there is no such ethical issue or appearance of impropriety from the MArkos and the folks at the Daily Kos.

And, btw, I have a great deal of personal experience with Kos from the time period in question, and I remember his repeated disclosures that he was working for the Dean campaign. All through 2002, I was a regular visitor to the Daily Kos, and for the entire year, Tacitus and I were the only right wing commenters in most threads. When Kos started the Political State Report in late 2002, early 2003, I was the WV contributer. Up until about midway through 2003, when Kos’s strident anti-war rhetoric and militant leftist beliefs became apparent and unpalatable for me, Kos and I had numerous interactions, email exchanges, and healthy discussions in his comments section.

It is also during this period that Kos was laying the groundwork for the netroots revolution that he foresaw as a way to propel a Democratic candidate into the White House in 2004. Kos was an early supporter for Dean, disclosed early and often that he was traveling to coordinate with Dean and other Democrat forces, and he was completely open about his relationship. In fact, the only thing Kos did not disclose was the amount that he was paid for his services, and, quite frankly, IMHO, that is none of our damned business anyway.

Kos has done nothing wrong here, has nothing to apologize for, and shouldn’t have to put up with these false accusations, as he was open, honest, and operating under no false pretenses. You may, as I do, find his political positions abhorrent, as well as some of his anti-war anti-administration rhetoric, but to question his integrity on this account is nothing more than theatre of the absurd. Kos may be a lot of things, but he is not a paid shill who would sell himself to the highest bidder. You can question his sanity, as I often do, but I would never question his passion for his ideas.

That Zephyr Treachout and some cynical operators within the Dean campaign may believe they ‘bought’ Kos says a lot about them and their utter lack of integrity, but as far as I am concerned Kos was acting in good faith, providing services for a cause he believed in and being paid fairly for those services. If you have a problem with that, then your problem is not with ethics or conflicts of interest, but with people earning a living. Kos has done nothing wrong, and anyone who says otherwise simply doesn’t understand what he/she is talking about.

More here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

*** Update ***

Moree sheer idiocy on the subject, this time from Slate’s Chris Suellentrop:

Moulitsas is a different case. He’s never pretended to be a journalistthis past October, he told National Journal, “I am part of the media. But a journalist? No. If I had put a label on it, I would say I am an activist.”but in the year since he stopped cashing Dean’s checks, he’s gained a reputation as “the liberal Instapundit” and the most popular left-wing blogger. And while it’s true that his role as a Dean consultant was disclosed and reported in the press on multiple occasions, it came as a surprise this week to a whole lot of people, including a lot of prominent bloggers. Perhaps more important, the people who were aware of Moulitsas’ consulting work aren’t 100 percent comfortable with it. “Markos is infamous for these kinds of issues. That may be too strong a word. But it’s come up with Markos before,” Nicco Mele, the Dean campaign’s Webmaster and director of Internet operations, told me. “I can find you threads on Markos’s own site about it.”

So lemme get this right- Kos does everything right, completely disclosing his involvement with the Dean campaign. But- some unamed ‘prominent’ blogger don’t know this, and are ‘surprised’ when they find out 18 months later. Worse still- not everyone was ‘100% comfortable’ with his behavior.

You have to be fucking kidding me. What kind of idiotic standards are these? Dick Cheney and the Cabinet are bound by less stringent standards. You can get a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court without the Senate being ‘100% comfortable.’ This is absurd.

Kos did nothing wrong.

FUXX0RED Priorities

I have bitched about this before, but it needs to be discussed again and again and again:

Name the greater risk to national security: patriotic military translators who happen to be homosexual or anti-American Islamofascist terrorists who happen to be homicidal. If you picked the latter, thanks for putting U.S. safety first. Alas, the Pentagon disagrees.

According to new Defense Department data, between fiscal years 1998 and 2003, 20 Arabic- and six Farsi-language experts were booted from the military under President Bill Clinton’s 1993 “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy. These GIs trained at the elite Defense Language Institute in Monterey, Calif. Had they graduated _ assuming 40-hour workweeks and two-week vacations _ they could have dedicated 52,000 man-hours annually to interrogate Arab-speaking bomb builders, interpret intercepted enemy communications or transmit reassuring words to bewildered Baghdad residents.

Preparation for these vital activities ends when a dedicated warrior is found to be gay. Under “don’t ask,” if that GI’s homosexuality becomes evident, he must stop conjugating verbs and head home.

I was in the army for ten years, and was against homosexuals in the military for the first five years or so. I was young, bigoted, and wrong. The Joint Chiefs and higher military brass don’t have youth as an excuse.

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Sleep Apnea

Just got back from the hospital after going in last night for a sleep test, and as I suspected, I have sleep apnea. Should be getting a fancy machine in a week or so.

I slept with the machine on last night from midnight until 5 am, and I feel the best I have felt in ten years. It is unbelievable how good I feel. I am so awake, I am afraid to have a cup of coffee, and I normally drink 3-4 a morning.

Apparently I have a really bad case of it, too. I have always snored like a jet plane with asthma, so I am not surprised. I went in to be monitored for six hours of sleep, and after only two hours of monitoring my sleep, they rushed in and hooked me up to the machine.

At any rate, I am rather excited, like I have been given a 2nd chance on life. You have no idea what it is like to be tired all the time.

The Democrats New Rising Star

Meet the Democrat’s new rising star, the junior Senator from Illinois:


Osama bin Osama Obama

What a maroon! Almost makes Barney Fag seem downright neighborly.

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