Dishonest Debate

One of the most infuriating bit of demagoguery from the last campaign was the shameless distortions thrown about by the Democrats regarding stem cell research. You remember- stem cells would cure everything, but Bush was banning hem because he is a religious nut. Why, even the crippled would rise up upon formerly useless limbs and dance a jig if only Bush were to lose the election.

If the Bush White House were as dishonest as the Kerry/Edwards campaign and that mealy-mouth Ron Reagan, JR, they would be issuing a press release after reading this:

Half of cancer patients who have stem cell transplants show signs of delirium after the procedure, says a study to be published in the Feb. 15 issue of Cancer.

These signs of delirium can be subtle and easily missed by doctors, the study noted. The symptoms include disturbances in the sleep-wake cycle, impaired attention and memory, and hypoactive behavior.

Classic symptoms of delirium include hallucinations, delusions, agitation and disorientation.

The study found the severity of delirium is associated with the levels of distress, pain and fatigue experienced by patients. This is the first research to identify this link between stem cell transplantation and delirium, the researchers said.

What kind of press release could they have. According to the Kerry/Edwards standards of honesty, any of the following would be acceptable:

“Kerry/Edwards Policy Cause Delirium”
“Kerry Policies Hurt Cancer Patients”
“Bush Policies Saves Cancer Patients”

Or so on. Some of you might be wondering why I am still attacking the Kerry/Edwards campaign. The reasoning is simple- I hated them because of their ideas, and I hated them because of their litany of lies. Their demagoguery of the stem cell issue was the most onerous of their sins.

More on Steelers/Jets

This piece by Michael Wilbon shows why he is one of the best sports reporters in the country.

Must Read Friedman

Go, Tom, Go:

In the wake of U.S. aid to help Muslim and other victims of the recent tsunami, Colin Powell suggested that maybe, now that the Muslim world had seen “American generosity” and “American values in action,” it wouldn’t be so hostile to America.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a thank-you card. If the fact that American soldiers have risked their lives to save the Muslims of Bosnia, the Muslims of Kuwait, the Muslims of Somalia, the Muslims of Afghanistan and the Muslims of Iraq has earned the U.S. only the false accusation of being “anti-Muslim,” trust me, U.S. troops passing out bottled water and Pop-Tarts in Indonesia are not going to erase that lie. It is not an exaggeration to say that, if you throw in the Oslo peace process, U.S. foreign policy for the last 15 years has been dominated by an effort to save Muslims – not from tsunamis, but from tyrannies, mostly their own theocratic or autocratic regimes.

It clearly has not made much of an impression. So you will pardon me if I say that I don’t care whether the state media in Saudi Arabia – whose government gave far less to the Muslim tsunami victims ($30 million) than the amount spent by King Fahd’s entourage on his last two vacations in Marbella (reportedly $100 million) – say nice things about us.

Say it, say it agin, and keep preaching it, because it is the truth.

Daily Dump

It looks like Andrew Sullivan has grudgingly recognized that Bush isn’t a bigot:

But this piece of sanity from the President deserves praise and reciprocation from those of us who support equality in marriage. We should refrain from any constitutional or legal challenge to DOMA for the foreseeable future (something I’ve urged for a long time now). We should also refrain from any attempt to force any state to recognize a gay marriage from another state (of course that’s different from a state voluntarily recognizing such marriages). We should practise moderation, just as the Senate is practising moderation. We already have civil marriage rights in one state.

Shorter Andrew Sullivan:

I am a nitwit prone to hysterics and I turned myself into a single-issue voter during the last election, and even on that issue I willfully misinterpreted the President. But, you people keeping buy ads for 1300 a month and tipping me 100k a year, so the joke is on you.

AFC Championship

Looks like the AFC championship is going to be the Steelers and the Patriots, as the Pats are up big late in the 4th quarter.

Let me be the first to say that I am really not thrilled at the propect of playing the Pats again, but, I have faith in my guys that they will come through. This week, however, I hope they win like they did all season- by being good. This getting lucky, which they did last night, is too bad on my heart.


Mike Krempasky has all sorts of photos from his trip the the Steelers/Jets game.