Tom Friedman was on Imus this morning, and based on his comments, I can guess that his column this week is going to draw the ire of lefties all over the place. You see, Friedman recognizes the elections in Iraq as precisely what they are- “a positive first step that no one should minimize.”

This runs counter to the new Democratic orthodoxy, so I expect he will be flamed accordingly.

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    RW says:

    Friedman has taken almost as many stances on Iraq as Sullivan.

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    I don’t know from the “Democratic orthodoxy,” but it’s certainly a first step that brings some hope. It’s positive. It’s also not a first step that should be inflated, or “maximized” any more than it should be “minimized.” It is what it is, not more, not less. Let’s hope for the best, plan for the worst, and we’ll see what happens.

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