Give It Up

The extent to which the loony left will go to attack this administration over stupid little things is mind-boggling.

Dear Deep-Thinker,

Go sit your ass outside in Aushwitz for an hour without moving.

Then, walk from your heated hotel to a heated limo.

Get back to me which one is colder.

Ankle-biting morons.

PS- They had a heater on the dais and heated seats at the inauguration, before you get on your high horse and fall off again. They were probably part of the expenses you bitched about last week.

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  1. 1
    Ralph Gizzip says:

    Oliver’s got so much personal insulation he could sit outside in a blizzard naked and not feel cold.

  2. 2
    wild bird says:

    Auschwitz was all the idea of a animal lover,vegetarian drug addict YES INDEED LADYS AND GERMS HITLER WAS A VEGGIE and he was a big time ANIMAL LOVER and DRUG ADDICT he would have gone right in with those kooks at the woodstock concert

  3. 3
    HH says:

    Meanwhile Eric Alterman can compare the Holocaust victims to “gay bashing bigots” and there’s nary a peep from this crowd.

  4. 4
    Kimmitt says:

    I’m profoundly uninterested in Cheney’s diplomatic faux pas. There are just plain bigger things to worry about.

    On the other hand, I was also profoundly uninterested in Dean’s voice going hoarse in Iowa, so what do I know? Apparently people who aren’t me make decisions based on really silly criteria, so I suppose I’m obliged to push every tiny faux pas and gaffe in the hopes that my side will win points.

    I heard that there was a time when the opposing candidates for President would rather lose than make FDR’s illness an issue. Man those times are gone.

  5. 5
    Oliver says:

    This is the guy braying for civility? The John Cole Devolution Into Self Parody continues.

  6. 6
    John Cole says:

    I have to use words you understand, Oliver.

  7. 7
    Bob says:

    wild bird,

    Prescott Bush helped finance Hitler and the Nazi party and their corporate sponsors before and during WWII. Prescott helped to move Nazi money after WWII. George H.W. Bush used Nazis in the Republican ethnic heritage group during Nixon’s presidency. There were old Nazis in George Sr.’s presidential campaign in 1988, a campaign run by George H., the current president.

    But as one who was actually at Woodstock lo those many years ago, here are a few reasons why Hitler would not have fit in at Woodstock:

    1. Hitler believed in the superiority of the Aryan “race.” The stage and audience were as fully integrated as any gathering in the US would have been at that time. Hitler would have found this distressing. In the late sixties he would have been more comfortable with someone like our current Moral Majority leader, Jerry Falwell, who at the time was campaigning against race-mixing.

    2. Hitler liked to wage wars. You may recall the phrase “make love, not war.” A goodly portion of the songs performed at Woodstock were anti-war songs. Much of the counter-culture questioned the political leadership of the country. Hitler would not have felt comfortable with this either, as you wouldn’t.

    -An aside-I don’t know what drugs Hitler was taking, but around the time of Woodstock our current President was apparently drinking way too much, smoking pot and got real seriously into cocaine, so maybe if Dubya had gone to Woodstock the world would be a better place today. You know, if he had dropped some acid and had opened up his doors of perception.

    3. Auschwitz was built specifically to use the forced labor for German industrial profits. Pure capitalism, without any conscience. People went to Woodstock voluntarily, and they didn’t work while they were there. They were entertained.

    -On the other side-

    Some people who went to Woodstock were animal lovers and a few people were probably vegetarians.

    You say that “Auschwitz was all the idea of” Hitler, but it wasn’t. It was a reasoned business decision made by businessmen looking to make more money. Working people to death pretty much eliminates the cost of labor, especially if you’ve got a good recycling plan in place. Herman Abs, who ran the German national bank, who oversaw the German looting of national treasuries across Europe and who was on the board of IG Farben when they voted to go ahead with the Auschwitz plan, managed to survive WWII without going to the gallows, upon his death at a ripe old age back in the nineties was saluted by David Rockefeller as the greatest banker of our time.

    I don’t think Abs would have liked Woodstock either.

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