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The stark raving mad wing of the Democratic party isn’t even bothering to hid who they are anymore. The latest is this post from Oliver titled “Has John Cole In A Coma, Or Just Brain Dead?” (I have no idea what the hell he means, either) which ostensibly is a response to this post I made earlier.

Oliver apparently takes issue with this statement I made:

What is so disgusting about Boxer’s behavior is that they have no intention nor ability of blocking her nomination. They just want to weaken her so they can score pointa against this administration and the majority party in general.

Thanks guys- publicly weakening our represenative to the world for nothing other than partisan gain.

Oliver’s response:

God knows, the Republican party has never ever tried to politically assault a Democrat in order to weaken him and as a result interfere in our international relations.

In other words, Oliver is still fighting the Clinton impeachment. I guess we are to conclude that Oliver felt the Clinton impeachment was unjust and politically motivated, yet he, not I, makes the argument that the same thing is going on in the Rice confirmation hearings. I am glad we can both agree that this is nothing more than a politically motivated campaign.

It is straightforward and simple- there is no goal for the extension and tone of the confirmation hearings other than revenge, petty partisan politics, and to weaken this administration.

They aren’t even pretending anymore- they are admitting straightforward that they are nothing more than partisan hacks. However, Oliver keeps claiming that he is a ‘moderate.’ I would hate to meet the radicals.

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    Terry says:

    John, I thought you were going to stop reading David Brock’s comfort cushion. He just gets loonier and loonier with each passing week.

  2. 2
    Oliver says:

    John: No, John you characterized Boxer as “publicly weakening our represenative to the world for nothing other than partisan gain”. My point was that you act as if you guys have never done anything like that and that if the Dems ever did it, it would essentially be poppin’ your cherry.

    With regards to Rice, a botched war and 3,000 dead Americans on her watch as the “national security advisor” tells me just how unqualified she is. That she’s the tool of a Republican administration is not even the main issue here.

    And if you want to see “radical”, go look in a mirror sometime. Or in your comments.

  3. 3
    John Cole says:


    Now you are blaming 9/11 on her. Keep drinking the kool-aid Oliver.

  4. 4
    RW says:

    Low hanging fruit.

  5. 5
    Oliver says:

    Yeah, Ricky, you are a fruit.

    John: I didn’t get the memo saying “Hey, doofus, Al Qaeda is going to attack us”. Condi did.

  6. 6

    You know what, Oliver? Al Qaeda is going to attack us again. Could be a hotfoot for the US Embassador to Kenya, or could be a grenade into the US Embassy somewhere else, or could be shooting down a U.S. airliner in still another location, or could be some toxin slipped into the drinking water of a small town in the Midwest, or could be a small airplane full of explosives crashed into CIA headquarters…

    That’s just about exactly how specific the warning was. If you’re pretending otherwise, you’re even less smart and/or less honest than I’d thought.

  7. 7
    John Cole says:

    ,i>If you’re pretending otherwise, you’re even less smart and/or less honest than I’d thought,/i.

    Based on Oliver’s rhetoric of late, I would shoot for the under. Had Oliver been around in the 80’s he would be blaming Reagan for introducing crack and Aids. We are dealing with THAT wing of the Democratic party.

  8. 8
    CadillaqJaq says:

    John, perhaps it’s good that “that wing of the Democrat Party” is who we’re deaing with… not even a close battle IMO. They’re just a mouthy extreme fringe with no ideas or solutions.

    I hope they keep up their inane bullshit through the mid-terms and into 2008… easy pickins. More of us, fewer of them.

  9. 9
    HH says:

    Last I checked, Clinton actually WAS impeached.

    “Has John Cole In A Coma, Or Just Brain Dead?”

    All your base are belong to us.

  10. 10
    HH says:

    Should you tell Mr. Crock that he’s gay-baiting in comments or shall I?

  11. 11
    Addison says:

    Botched war?

    What war, pray tell, would you consider to be better than the 2 that we’ve fought under this administration?

    Your answer must include your sources for:
    1) civilian casualties/collateral damage
    2) Friendly force casualities
    3) Opposing force casualities
    4) Time from combat to non-combat operations.

    I look forward to Oliver’s enlighting reply.

  12. 12
    RW says:

    Wow, a David Brock gopher calling me a ‘fruit’.

  13. 13
    RW says:

    Dammit…hit the post button so soon.

    HH is right……what would Brock think of his employees calling others “fruits”? Especially those who are married (no offense, Oliver).

  14. 14
    Oliver says:

    Ricky: You’re a fruit, as in the rotten kind. And dumb, on purpose. Ditto for the factually-challenged (and strangely obsessed with Limbaugh, etc) Hanks.

    Addison: a war that makes us less safe and has over 1,300 soldiers unnecessarily killed (and over 10,000 wounded) is botched. So is another in which the main focus of the war (bin Laden) has escaped to points unknown and the spectre of democracy is unknown outside of Kabul.

  15. 15
    jeff says:

    I stopped by the cesspool that is Oliver’s blog.

    He’s really sowing his oats now that he’ll be the guest speaker at……A DC “DRINKING LIBERALLY” EVENT!!!

    What a way to spend a night. With a bunch of losers who probably nurse whatever the cheapest beer is and tip the bartender/server about five percent.

    Although, they might make out okay since I’m sure five percent of Oliver’s food tab is still pretty high.

  16. 16
    BumperStickerist says:

    fwiw – Oliver’s ‘moderate’ status is belied by the BlogAds description of his site.

    Oliver Willis: Like Rotund Kryptonite To Stupid

    Progressive opinion from a young african-american bomb thrower.


    The Moderate Bomb Thrower!

  17. 17
    Terry says:

    Come on, folks…be kind to Oliver. He has always had trouble getting dates, and now that he’s moved to DC with his new job, he’s had to adjust to new kinds of dates. The word on the street is that he has accepted the “new” with wild abandon, just as he has altered his own political persona in order to better fit with the looney tunes he now runs with.

  18. 18
    HH says:

    For the record: 5,640 Google hits for “Rush Limbaugh” at Media Matters (135 items listed at the site). 70 Google hits at my blog, which has been around longer. And you’re not the king of blog spin for nothing… nice try with that “fruit” spin, very admirable, especially in light of Brockie boy’s excessively low burden of proof for “homophobia.”

  19. 19
    HH says:

    And 5,580 for

  20. 20
    RW says:

    Oh, come on, Oliver. You can hide the fact that you’re playing the role of gopher boy pit dog in order to drum up “web presence” for your boss in a less transparent manner, can’t you?

    Seriously, though, no offense on the “married” thing. Oh, and tell your “rotten kind” of boss I said hello and I hope he enjoyed the inauguration!

    That wasn’t too threatening, was it? I know how delicate some can be

  21. 21
    RW says:

    HH, how many for Reynolds? Last I saw, the Glenvy was as oderous as the blatant begging for attention via hyperbole.

  22. 22
    Birkel says:

    “a war that makes us less safe”

    I’ve never understood this logic. How safe were the embassies in Africa, the USS Cole and the WTC/Pentagon/airlines on 9-11?

    How do we define safe? How can we understand the concept of “less safe” without some baseline?

    Until somebody on the Left steps to the plate and actually demonstrates how I’m currectly less safe (and thereby exposes what I believe is their shallowness, frankly) I will continue to dismiss them out of hand.

  23. 23
    HH says:

    123 hits at for “Glenn Reynolds” alone.

  24. 24
    Addison says:


    You failed to note your source for any war that was “better”.

    Less safe… Than? 9/10/01? To the contrary, the leading terrorism supporters are routed. 1300 Soldiers and the wounded is a tragedy. But it beats (more) casualities here. My value system thinks it’s better with terrorists (or “insurgents” or whatever you’d like to call them) attacking armed, armored soldiers than civilians.

    How much of the blame do you lay on your own shoulders? The terrorists attacking the soldiers do so because you support them. Because they think that we’re weak, and cowardly – I’ll leave that to you to determine if they’re right about yourself – that we’re scared of them. Think they’d be so intent on doing it if they knew for certain that the US is going to stay the course?

    Good thing you weren’t around in ’46 and ’47 when the Werewolves were in full swing in Germany… (that resistance didn’t stop until the Berlin Airlift).

    Question is still on the table, given what you’re using as a goal, what war wasn’t “botched?”

  25. 25
    Ricky says:

    Now, everyone is feeding the low hanging fruit troll.

  26. 26

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