Steelers Win- Barely

The Steelers played their worst football of the year, yet still managed, with ta helluva lot of luck, to squeak out a win in overtime. This was the most mentally and physically exhausting game for me ever, and I spent the last hour alternating between tears of joy and the thrill of future gridiron glory and tears of agony.

The final score was 20-17, and I just don’t know what to say about the Jets. I feel bad for their fans, but I refuse to feel bad for the players. To feel pity for them would be to diminish the respect I have for them, as they have nothing to be upset about or ashamed of regarding this season. They are truly a great team- scrappy, resilient, tough, and confident, and they are going to have a great future.

At any rate, it is over, and my beloved Stillers move on. Thank God.

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    Jim Henley says:

    I hope this game got Ben over his playoff jitters, because I thought it was obvious that he had them. OTOH, my Jet-fan friend Bill, who watched the game with me, thinks the Jets just match up well.

    And on the bright side, Cowher’s clock management at the end of the game was superb. R’s last interception undid it, but it’s refreshing when a coach understands that time outs are more valuable a) when called on defense, b) BEFORE the two-minute warning rather than after.

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    Joel B says:

    The Jets did well…kinda sorta. Jets offensive production was a mere 3 pts., and if it weren’t for the misses only 9. It’s less the Jets playing up to the Steelers level, than the Steelers playing down to the Jets. I want to say something like, not to degrade the effort of the Jets, but to some degree that is what I’m trying to do. They are certainly a good team though.

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    Kevin says:

    I thought my friend was going to have an anyurism! I stil can’t beleive he missed two field goals!

    I second Jim’s feelings about Ben. I hope he can put it behind him and play like I know he can. A win is a win, but whoa . . .

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    Brendon says:

    I just woke up from my catatonic state. I was having flashbacks to the 2001 AFC Championship game and 1995 Super Bowl. Great googly moogly.

    I still can’t communicate properly.

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    CadillaqJaq says:

    I didn’t have a dog in that fight, so congrats, John… my fav is NE because of former UofM Q-back Tom Brady.

    However, I am weary of seeing a championship playoff game decided one way or the other due to the talent or malfeasance of a place kicker. To me, football is a game that should be decided on who can score the most TDs and extra points, and those using whatever method they choose.

    This is a bit outside the damn box BUT I’d like to see place kickers given a rest during the playoffs and let the offensive units see if they can score more points against a given defense than their opponents. No more 3 point plays until next regular season! Look back at the playoff record already and see that too many games were won or lost while relying on their weakest link.

    Either that or every time a team gets inside their opponents 35 yard line, automatically send in the place kicking unit… after all is is football, ;)

    Now, go Pats!

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    praktike says:

    I almost died three or four times during the game out of sheer terror.

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