Count Every Vote

This is precisely what very Republican thinks of when the Democrats start their ‘Count Every Vote’ mantra while trying to steal elections. Read as John Fund walks you through the Democratic shenanigans from day one.

– The state is now concluding its third count of the 2.9 million ballots, and Republican Dino Rossi clings to a 50 vote lead over Democrat Christine Gregoire. King County, which includes liberal Seattle, is the only county left to report…

– The result probably hinges on whether 723 King County absentee ballots that were rejected during the first two vote counts will be counted after all. A local judge has ruled that it is too late to inject the 723 ballots into the recount and that if they were valid votes they should have been counted in the first or second recounts. Democrats respond that the fault lies with King County clerks, who failed to take extra steps to verify the ballots, and not with the voters…

– Washington state’s election nightmare began when Dino Rossi apparently won the election by about 3,000 votes. Then two days before the original vote count was certified, King County announced it had 10,000 more absentee ballots than it had previously estimated. Mr. Rossi’s lead fell to less than 1,000 votes…

– A local judge allowed Democratic Party officials to obtain the names and addresses of 723 people who had cast provisional ballots but were in danger of not being counted because of mismatching or missing signatures. Democratic officials then contacted voters and asked them who they had voted for in the race for governor. If the answer was Ms. Gregoire, the voter was allowed to correct his or her signature and thus have their ballot counted. Republicans belatedly began contacting their voters. The result was a net gain of some 400 votes for Ms. Gregoire. Mr. Rossi’s lead fell to 261 votes…

Read on, until your blood boils. This is what some Democrats mean when they say ‘count every vote.’ It is code for ‘steal the election.’ No doubt, were there more black people in Washington state, Jesse Jackson would be up there calling Republicans racist for want ing the vote to be decided according to the rules and laws set BEFORE the election.

It is, after all, the same shit they tried in Florida in 2000 and are trying in Ohio this year.

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    Kimmitt says:

    Enhancement to emphasize voter intent appears to be standard practice. There appear to have been Democratic and Republican observers for each enhancement.

    In addition, other counties besides King County had similar issues. link.

    Another wrinkle in the case before the court: There were five other counties that counted in new ballots during the re-recount. Four of those counties say they have segregated the ballots and would be able to pull them out if the state Supreme Court orders such ballots not counted.

    But one county, Kittitas County, says it processed 34 such votes without segregating them and it would be impossible to pull those votes out. Kittitas County favored Rossi.

    I guarantee you, it really is about counting every vote, not trying to steal elections. As a rule, the WSJ editorial page really is not a good place to find out what is really happening. They are just too invested in Democrat hatred.

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    Terry says:

    “As a rule, the WSJ editorial page really is not a good place to find out what is really happening. They are just too invested in Democrat hatred.”

    Hmmm. And Kimmitt is an “objective, fair-minded” observer??? As opposed to an individual “too invested in REPUBLICAN hatred???” Hmmm…

  3. 3
    Kimmitt says:

    Oh, my bias is pretty clear. That’s why I quote objective sources, rather than just asserting things.

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    M. Scott Eiland says:

    I have to admit–I’m a bit less exercised about this than I was, say, about Florida in 2000, or the shenanigans in the New Jersey race for U.S. Senate in 2002. If a single state starts playing games with its own state level elections, I figure that it’s basically an internal matter that the voters of the state can address with furious anger and great vengeance at the next election. However, when federal elections–which ultimately affect us all–are involved, my patience for this sort of nonsense is basically nil.

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    Aaron says:

    I suggest the Democrats fire their people in that County. There should be no “lost” votes.

    The fact that ballots were found on NINE different occassions and they were unsecure is very distressing.

  6. 6
    Aaron says:

    Not to mention that if they found lost ballots NINE times, shouldn’t any recount be tainted?

    What if they find 50 more ballots in March that show the other guy won?

    Now they are even looking at huys in Iraq who would have voted, but couldn’t.

    Voter Intent indeed.

    Just like when I was in school, a test with no name on it got a ZERO.

  7. 7
    Kimmitt says:

    I suggest the Democrats fire their people in that County. There should be no “lost” votes.

    Now here is something on which we can wholeheartedly agree.

  8. 8
    Kimmitt says:

    Voter Intent indeed.

    More Republican contempt for the law.

  9. 9

    More Republican contempt for the law.

    No, just more silliness from Kimmitt.

  10. 10
    Kimmitt says:

    The law says, “intent of the voter.” When you show contempt for implementation of the law, you show contempt for the law.

  11. 11

    It’s not contempt for the implementation of the law, it’s contempt for the rewriting of the law in place, without the consent of the legislature. If the law’s unclear, it’s bad law. I thought we’d closed this issue out with the whole Florida 2000 business, but evidently not.

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