The Light of the Moon

Islamofascist radicals, it seems, have finally overplayed their hand:

Dutch film “Stand Van De Maan,” which addresses increasing Islamic radicalism in Indonesia, won the top prize at the Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival.

The festival is billed as the world’s largest documentary festival, with more than 200 films shown over two weeks in Amsterdam theaters.

“Stand Van De Maan (Shape of the Moon),” directed by Leonard Retel Helmrich, recorded the story of an Indonesian Christian woman who leaves Jakarta for the countryside to avoid growing unemployment and increasingly fundamentalist Islamic sentiment in the city.

The Islamofascists are beginning to wake the rest of the world, and people are beginning to recognize that the Israeli/Palestinian issue is just an excuse for their treachery.

Rev Up the Rhetoric and the Smear Machines

For those of you, who, like me, were hoping for a long Holiday season before the start of politics as usual at the beginning of the New Year, forget it. Our hopes for a temporary respite have been dashed:

Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, who missed the Supreme Court’s November argument session while being treated for thyroid cancer, will be absent for the December session as well, the court announced on Friday.

Kathleen Arberg, the court’s public information officer, said Chief Justice Rehnquist was continuing to receive chemotherapy and radiation treatments as an outpatient and was meeting with his law clerks and court officials at his home. Ms. Arberg said she had no information on when the 80-year-old chief justice might return to the court.

If you thought Bork and Clarence Thomas were something, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Regardless who Bush nominates, the Atriettes and the like are going to go batshit loony. This is going to be ugly.

Mind you, this isn’t even Bush trying to appoint someone to replace a sitting liberal judge with a conservative. When that happens, it will be even worse.

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Wedding Blogging

When I was packing for the wedding, I decided I needed to bring two dress shirts in case I spilled something, etc. So, I took those shirts, washed them, pulled them out of the dryer a little bit early, and put thm oin hangbers and hung them in the shower so I could iron them while they were still damp.

And that is where my dress shirts are today, four hours before the wedding. I wore a black silk shirt with slacks to the rehearsal last night, but that simply won’t do for the wedding. Fortunately, I have a friend here who is the same size as me, and he lent me a shirt. It doesn’t fit around the neck, but what else can I do?

The main consolation is that no one at the wedding is even going to look atg me, so there is no point even caring. All eyes are on the couple, so I have nothing to worry about, hoever shoddy I look.

Still, though, it pisses me off. Am I ever going to get my shit together? Will there ever be anything that is not a hassle or complicated by my own stupidity? Grrr.

Economic Talk

One of the main reasons I hate discussions about the economy is that it is always framed in much the way this Instapundit post is:

“Is there a disaster looming?”

First, we can insert the widespread agreement that no economists ever agree on anything (insert the Truman’s one-armed economist quip here).

Second- Didn’t we just spend an entire election campaign in which one part spent all their time and energy convincing us the economy already is a disaster?

At any rate, why is the question never framed the other way- Is there a period of economic bliss around the corner? For once, I would like to hear what is going right.

A Quick Congrats

Lost last week in the ugly Sixers/Piston Brawl with the odious behavior of Ron Artest and crew was the equally ugly brawl at the end of the game between South Carolina and Clemson. The fight was turly frightening, and was an absolutely disgusting display of poor sportsmanship.

However, as a diehard sports fan, I feel obligated to send a deep and heartfelt thank you to the administrations of of the University of Soutgh Carolina and Clemson University, who have voluntarily decided to not accept any bowl bids this year:

Clemson and South Carolina will not accept bowl bids, punishment for players who brawled toward the end of Saturday’s game.

Athletic director Mike McGee said Monday that the Gamecocks’ actions on the field were not consistent with the values and ethics of the school.

“This decision will have a significant financial impact on USC athletics. We will also lose a month of prebowl practice,” McGee said. “It was a decision that had to be made.”
Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive and Atlantic Coast Conference Commissioner John D. Swofford both said that their respective conferences support the decision by the universities.

“The decision by the University of South Carolina not go to a bowl game sends the important message to student-athletes, not only at South Carolina and in the Southeastern Conference, but thoughout the nation that intercollegiate ahtletics will not tolerate the kind of behavior we saw in the South Carolina-Clemson game last Saturday,” Slive said.

The commissioners also added that their conferences continues to review game films to determine if additional penalties are merited.

Absolutely the right decision, and hopefully it sends the right message to future thugs masquerading as student athletes. This will not be tolerated.

Well done.

Wedding Blogging, Cont.

The rehearsal dinner was pretty decent. The salad was a pretty decent caesar salad, which proved to be entertaining, as some of the guests could not identify the mysterious flavor in their dressing. The hotel made a real caesar dressing with anchovy, which I assume most people arent used to having most of the time.

The main course was grilled sea bass presented on a ortion of garlic mashed potatoes, garnished with a sprig of dill and pickled ginger and an asparagus presentation. Sea bass was alright but a touch dry, asparagus was crips and flavorful, mashed potatoes were dry and could have used some more butter and heavy cream.

Finally, the dessert was a chocolate ganache with raspberries and a raspberry topping. The ganache was decent but the crust was hard- pretty clearly these had been sitting a while.

Overall, it was pretty good, and everyone enjoyed it. The funny thing is the hotel really did not know what they are dealing with, because the groom is a gourment cook himself, and there really is no way that they could live up to his standards for his own personal cooking. In fact, I have had almost every dish above cooked by the groom, and it is only because I know he can do a much better job cooking all of the items himself that I would ever even publicly state anything negative about the rehearsal dinner.

I am finding that a lot, now. I don’t think I have ever had a meal in a restaurant that has been better than anything my dad has evercooked, and I know that when I eat at the aforementioned groom’s house, the meal will probably be the best dinner I have in months. Restaurants just can’t compete with someone who enjoys cooking and enjoys cooking for other people.