Another week, another win, this one the ninth in a row for the team and for Big Ben, despite Roethlisberger having a marginal outing. This win was against a Reskins team who really isn’t as bad as their record might suggest. Their defense is solid. Just nothing there on offense, whatsoever. Final score: 16-7.

The man, once again, was city favorite Jerome Bettis.


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    Rick says:

    I demand a recount. Or a rebranding of the Redskins.


  2. 2
    platosearwax says:

    Mind if a disgruntled Dolphin’s fan jumps on the bandwagon of his brother’s favorite team, the Steelers? They’ve probably been my second favorite team since forever anyway. BTW, my bro has the helmet logo tattooed on his shoulderblade and would paint his house, car and probably dog black and yellow if his wife would let him.

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