Wedding Blogging, Cont.

The rehearsal dinner was pretty decent. The salad was a pretty decent caesar salad, which proved to be entertaining, as some of the guests could not identify the mysterious flavor in their dressing. The hotel made a real caesar dressing with anchovy, which I assume most people arent used to having most of the time.

The main course was grilled sea bass presented on a ortion of garlic mashed potatoes, garnished with a sprig of dill and pickled ginger and an asparagus presentation. Sea bass was alright but a touch dry, asparagus was crips and flavorful, mashed potatoes were dry and could have used some more butter and heavy cream.

Finally, the dessert was a chocolate ganache with raspberries and a raspberry topping. The ganache was decent but the crust was hard- pretty clearly these had been sitting a while.

Overall, it was pretty good, and everyone enjoyed it. The funny thing is the hotel really did not know what they are dealing with, because the groom is a gourment cook himself, and there really is no way that they could live up to his standards for his own personal cooking. In fact, I have had almost every dish above cooked by the groom, and it is only because I know he can do a much better job cooking all of the items himself that I would ever even publicly state anything negative about the rehearsal dinner.

I am finding that a lot, now. I don’t think I have ever had a meal in a restaurant that has been better than anything my dad has evercooked, and I know that when I eat at the aforementioned groom’s house, the meal will probably be the best dinner I have in months. Restaurants just can’t compete with someone who enjoys cooking and enjoys cooking for other people.

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2 replies
  1. 1
    bains says:

    This red state voter is constantly astounded while traveling in blue states that the enlightened costal intelligentsia doesnt know a Caesars salad must have real bits of anchovy (not anchovy paste). Furthermore a raw egg is a not only the starting point, but a crucial component. The lettuce is Romaine and nothing else – no endive, no leek, no beet shoots. And the freshly ground pepper goes into the wooden bowl before tossing, not as an afterthought.

    Just as with chili verde, a Caesars salad is a pretty darn good indicator of a kitchen’s culinary acumen.

  2. 2
    bains says:

    Sorry john, caught up in my own pet peeve. I’ve had numerous meals in resturants much better than I or any of my more culinary talented friends could have produced (without extraordinary thought and time)

    Most often is is the unexpected, sometimes it is as expected – but one pays a premiun for the later. A family establishment in Aosta Italy, a roadside diner in Sagauche CO, an elegant French provincal place in Great Falls VA.

    As always, the company and subsequently the ambiance do tend to dictate…

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