So Much for That

I guess all the unrealistic National Championship talk about my beloved Mountaineers can stop, after they dropped to Va. Tech today by a score of 19-13.

Could be worse, I guess. I could be a Cubs fan. What a collapse.

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    Ralph Gizzip says:

    Yeah, but Ravenwood’s gonna be happy.

  2. 2

    Yes, once again, there is no joy in Chicago. It’s that Billy Goat.

    Thank goodness the Twins have a chance.

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    Carpbasman says:

    Hysterical. My friends and I do a bet every year, preseason pick the college national champion/ superbowl winner 5 bucks if they show 10 bucks if they win. Furthermore, we have a right of first refusal rule, that if you took a team in the previous year they’re yours until you give ’em up for the next year.

    You’d think this would lead to conservative picks, and it does, but it doesn’t.

    For instance I picked USC last year, primarily because they looked like the most likely PAC-10 team and the PAC-10 hadn’t been eo the championship game. And I got robbed. (I stuck with them this year, primarily because I couldn’t give them up to someone else).

    But to show how conservative it can get, someone’s been riding Oklahoma for four years.

    Anyway, in an effort to find the darkhorse, one of the participants took West Virginia (not a bad bet really, they had a chance to go undefeated, they just blew it. I even looked a it before I realized giving up USC was stupid).

    Mountain Mommas, take me home!

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    Superhawk says:

    For the Cubs, it coulda been worse…they coulda lost out on the last day of the season rather than the second to last. Like Ernie says…

    “Let’s play two!”

  5. 5
    norbizness says:

    I get to wait till next week, as a Longhorns fan, to have all delusions of national championship thoroughly obliterated.

    On the other hand, go (dis)Astros!

  6. 6
    jeff says:

    I actually think we’re looking at a National Championship game between USC and the winner of this week’s Texas-Oklahoma game.

    norbizness’s skepticism regarding his team is well-founded, but Texas HAS to beat OU at some point…..don’t they?

    As awesome as Georgia looked last Saturday, i just don’t think an SEC team can run the table.

    And regarding your beloved Mountaineers, they really need to see about getting into the Big 10 or something.

    The Big East is dead as a football conference (figuratively anyway).

    They’re not gonna be able to recruit by telling people they get to play in the Backyard Brawl every year.

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