Oliver links to this story, and my only coment is BULLSHIT:

The Democratic National Committee, in response, sent out a statement from Nita Martin, a Pennsylvania mother and registered Republican whose two sons have served in Iraq.

Martin said it was the Bush administration who has failed to support the troops.

“Before one of my sons left, he went online to buy himself a helmet that would better protect him than the one which was issued to him by the U.S. military,” she said. “If anybody doesn’t support the troops it’s George W. Bush. He sent my sons to war with no plan. They were ill-prepared and the result is more and more casualties every day.”

Bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit. Now Oliver, whose experience in the military includes watching Platoon and Saving Private Ryan might swallow that horseshit, but I don’t. No soldier is deployed into a combat zone without a Kevlar helmet. Cripes- no soldier makes it from the replacement center to his basic training unit without being issued a Kevlar.

This is just utter hogwash. I am so sick and tired of know-nothings like Oliver exploiting TOE’s for partisan gain. Not all units are issued the same equipment. When you hear stories of soldiers not being issued body armor, itis because their unit was never slated to have body armor of a specific type, for whatever operational reason. Not because they weresent into a combat zone unprepared.

There are always changes to TOE’s, and there are lag times in between equipment changes and unit wide distribution of new equipment. This is not because our military is underfunded, under-supported, or because our leadership cares. This is a sign that we are constantly testing new equipment and deployingit as fast as possible to theplaces needed most.

Furthermore, different units require deifferent equipment. When you hear people bitching that they didn’t have ‘armored’ HumVees, there is a reason for it- their normal mission did not require that theyhave them. If the mission changes, the military does its best to shift its resources appropriately. This is not a sign of a lack opf preparedness, but rather, versatility. Different jobs require different equipment, otherwise we would just have every god damned soldier in theatre in an M1A2 Abrams tank, because it doesn’t get much safer than that.

Sometimes people should take the old advice that it is ‘better to sit there and let people think you are stupid rather than opening your mouth and proving it.’

Color Me Unimpresed

How do you spell cover-up? I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T C-O-M-M-I-S-S-I-O-N:

With pressure mounting on the network, CBS announced yesterday that former US attorney general Dick Thornburgh and retired Associated Press president Louis D. Boccardi will investigate the now-infamous “60 Minutes” broadcast that used disputed documents to raise questions about President Bush’s National Guard service…

CBS did not divulge many details about Thornburgh’s and Boccardi’s assignment but said they would be given the resources to complete their task and that their findings would be made public. A network source said the two men were selected because of their reputations for integrity and independence. Thornburgh — who served as attorney general under two Republican presidents, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush — brings investigative credentials to the job. Boccardi was a member of the team commissioned by The New York Times last year to examine that paper’s culture after reporter Jayson Blair was found to have fabricated and plagiarized in numerous stories.

We don’t need a panel to tell us what happened- we know. Several liberal members of a news organization “KNEW” all the facts in a case, and “KNEW” the truth (paging Irving Janis), but they just couldn’t prove it.

So they went to an old political hack and Kerry fundraiser to come forward with recycled charges. In order to do that, he insisted that there be additional new information before he would come forward again. They then went to a dubious source, who under the condition of anonymity and without offering a chain of custody, would provide them with documents stating exactly what they wanted to see. But he had a price too, so the news ‘Producer’ (boy is that term eerily accurate- they didn’t produyce this story, they made it up out of nothing.) got him in contact with the Kerry campaign. Then they got their documents, then they got their tired old hack.

And they got caught red-handed. Rather than come clean, they spent a week and a half insulting the nation’s intelligence, and now, even after having to admit the basis of their story is forged, continues to toe the line that ‘essentially the story is true but we just can’t prove it.’

Which puts them precisely where they started.

At any rate, no commission is needed. I just told you what happened. What needs to happen now is heads need to roll- starting with Dan Rather.

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Liar. Just a Damned Liar.

The Cleland lie continues on, this time from Kevin Drum:

The White House cynically proposed a union-busting plan for the Department of Homeland Security designed solely to arouse Democratic opposition. The President told cheering audiences that Senate Democrats didn’t care about the security of the country and campaigned tirelessly even against congressmen who had supported him. In Georgia, Max Cleland was likened to Osama bin Laden.

Ask Paul Begala.

The Mapes Frame-Up

John Ellis has been spot on with his day by day analysis on how the executives and Dan Rather are going to hang Mary Mapes out to dry. Hit Ctrl F, type rout, and then read the bpost above and all that follow. Frightening how correct Ellis has been.

Drug Policy

Mark Kleiman makes complete sense discussing the perverse effects of our current mindset (and, unfortunately, policies) in the War on Your Neighbor.

This post, however, contains this thoroughly obnoxious remark:

Not that an honorable discharge is anything to crow about: all it means is that you didn’t get caught violating any really outrageous rules.

Spoken like a man who doesn’t have one himself, as I am pretty proud of my honorable discharge. One of these days Democrats are going to learn how to attack Republicans (or Bush) without shitting all over millions of bystanders. I seriously hope the Kerry campaign decides to take up this snotty refrain- enough PR collateral damage will be done to edge a million more votes Bush’s way should anything this offensive come out of Kerry/Edwards or the DNC.

They’re Back…

New Swift Vets Ad called “Friends.”