Campbell Brown appears to be battling Andrea Mitchell for premier pissy bitch of the conference, and has now openly accused three delegates as liars because the speakers are not moderate enough.

The coverage is unbelievable. The marching orders have been issued. Gay marriage is not an issue in the GOP, but the press is going to try to make it one.

Apparently these blathering idiots, from Chris Matthews on down, are under the impression that diversity in a party means everyone agrees on the issue of gay marriage. That isn’t diversity. Diversity means differing people with differing opinions gathered together under one roof. Do they agree on everything? No. But choosing the liberal cause of the day and claiming that total adherence to one side of the issue is the embodiment of diversity does nothing but demonstrate the extent to which the media and the liberals have hijacked the english language.

Remember, tolerance does not mean embracing things that you do notagree with. It means TOLERATING SHIT THAT PISSES YOU OFF, and remaining civil about the issue. When I say I have a low tolerance for pain, it does not mean I like pain, it means I can only put up with a certain amount of it.

Another example. I am not sure how much more of this bullshit from the media I can TOLERATE.

I have now heard them ask delegates ten times: “Arnold Schwarzanalphabet is pro-gay rights. Does that bother you? What does he bring to the convention knowing you disagree with him?”

Here is a question for you. How about the 90% of the DNC delegates who were against the war in Iraq, and the 60% who were against the war in Afghanistan? Kerry and Edwards are both in favor (depending on the poll numbers)- what do they have to offer the Delgates? Should they have been allowed to speak?

That liberal media. Idiots.

Andrea Mitchell

Is not even pretending anymore. Why aren’t these assholes reequired to admit they are Kerry supporters? I watch IMus every morning, and he is voting for Kerry. I have no problem watching people orlistening to peole of different political persuasions. I am just tired of them pretending to be ‘objective.’

Andrea’s line tonight (I paraphrase):

“Arnold Schwarzanalphabet is goingto speak tonight, but of course we are not going to hear about his threatened veto of legislation designed to help undocumented workers.”

Translation: Undocument Worker= ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT, aka CRIMINAL

Personally, I want to hear about it. And I want EVERY DEMOCRAT IN THE COUNTRY TO ENDORSE IT. Publicly.

Just a Note

I want some of whatever Stephen Baldwin is on. Not as much. But some.

Does faith make you unable to blink?

Fruits and Nuts

What a maroon:

A 21-year-old Yale student, posing as a volunteer at the Republican National Convention, got within 10 feet of Vice President Dick Cheney and shouted anti-war statements before being dragged away, authorities said Tuesday.

Secret Service Agent Shannon Zeigler said Cheney “was never in any harm or danger” during the incident Monday night in Madison Square Garden. The suspect, Thomas Frampton, was charged with assaulting federal officers and impeding the operation of the Secret Service.

Frampton was released on $50,000 bail and told to stay 100 feet from Cheney and President Bush. He also was ordered to give back a red convention volunteer’s shirt he used to get into the arena, along with any convention passes.

My first though upon hearing a man got near Cheney was to try to remember if I had seen Howard Dean on tv lately. Turns out it is just another Ivy League prick.


That was McCain’s best spech ever, although he seemed sedated while delivering it.

Giuliani was genius, and I loved the Kerry quips (Playing off the boos was brilliant- “but ohh- he must have heard you…”). The Ewards quip was also memorable.

Ron Silver’s speech means I can keep watching the West Wing.

The surest sign it was a good night for the GOP- Chris Matthews looked like he was passing a watermelon sized kidney stone afterwards and Andrea Mitchel looked so angst-ridden and distraught I thought she was going to seize up. Then when she spoke, her tone was so bitter I thought she was going to undo all that wonderful cosmetic surgery she has had over the years to fix her ugly skin. What an ugly shrew.

The highlight of the night for me- the choir singing the service songs. I could listen to a good choir sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” so this was a special treat. Plus, I got to see the whole thing on INHD2, with no interruptions by idiot announcers, and in digital surround sound and hi-def. Pretty cool.

The Ruse Is Over

That about seals it for the NY Times. They are now running opinion pieces by open liars and frauds. And no- I don’t mean Paul Krugman. I mean Rigboberta Menchu. Yes- that Rigoberta Menchu. Joe Biden must be pissed.

Free Rosario

I don’t know if I would have arrested Rosario Dawson, but I sure as hell would have frisked her. Twice. Thoroughly. Weapons of Mass Distraction, I say.