Worth Cash Money

I would pay to see these two in a deathmatch:

The Democratic Party’s official talk radio host got violent yesterday in an altercation he described as an effort to protect free speech.

Attending a Howard Dean rally in New Hampshire, unfunny funnyman Al Franken physically assaulted a heckler in the crowd, wrestling him to the ground in a bid to silence him.

“I got down low and took his legs out,” Franken boasted to the New York Post afterward.

The altercation was witnessed by NBC Washington bureau chief Tim Russert, who called Franken’s antics “unbelievable.”

“One of the Lyndon LaRouche guys got up and started screaming and yelling,” Russert told radioman Don Imus Tuesday morning.

“The press guy for Dean tried to grab onto him and remove him and he couldn’t do it. All of a sudden, Al Franken jumped out of the media gallery, ran down and grabbed this guy on the leg and started wrestling him to the ground.

“It was unbelievable. He was really into it,” the NBC News star said.

Franken vs. a LaRouchite!

I guess I would be forced to just root for injuries.

*** Update ***

Oh, Goodie! There is more to the story.

You know, I can’t help thinking that if Dennis Miller tackled a heckler at a Bush rally, it would take about 8 minutes before Dave Neiwer added another chapter to his ‘All Republicans are Fascistic’ tome. INstead, the left seems to be reacting to this with glee.

I Hope He is Kidding

Maybe Jim Cappozalalphabet is joking:

Who, exactly, is “Wonkette,” the scheming parvenu wannabe blogger who is saying such awful things about the indispensable Media Whores Online?

The despicable cretin that goes by the name “Wonkette,” in writing about MWO says this, while referring to the latest disgraceful behavior of right-wing mouthpiece and self-styled media critic Howard Kurtz as a scare-quoted “scandal“:

There have been reader inquiries as to the reliability of Media Whores Online as a news source for the Kurtz item below. Here’s our take: They are not reliable at all. Repeat: Not reliable at all. Somewhere below Drudge and above a Ouija board. More politically motivated than either.

Gosh, just when “Wonkette” was raising her profile by, among other things, absurdly offering others to, of all selfish and greedy things, “buy a link” from her disreputably Andy-Grove-esque gossip column, it’s time for her to go away. To slither into the slime from which she arose, to die, at least in her public “persona,” an ignored and ignominious death.

I’ve only done this once before, but I’m going to do it again. If you link to “Wonkette” through your blogroll you cannot and will not enjoy, for what that might be worth, a link from The Rittenhouse Review.

You can’t spell obnoxious, self-important liberal without the letters ‘Rittenhouse.’ Well- you can, but I was too busy looking up ‘parvenu’ to think of something witty and true. At any rate, get over yourself. I used to read Rittenhouse- I thought he was clever, and I like sarcasm and good writing. I even donated the last time he needed help financially.

At any rate, Jim, I don’t remember signing up for ‘Net Nanny,’ but do me a favor, if you would. When you finish checking out the other billion and a half websites out there, please let me know which ones I may feel free to link to and which ones are just so horrifying to you that they will just burn my eyes on contact.

I regret not having the Rittenhouse Review in my permalinks- it makes it impossible for me to enjoy de-linking it.

Gary Farber has some fun with Mr. Overly Self-Important.

Fan Mail

This may be the best piece of fan e-mail I have ever recieved:

what gives you the ability to pontificate about current events in such a
droll and uninteresting fashion? i bet you are from california. you are
very self impressed, are you not? your writing is like literary manure
i.e. it stinks.

just thought i would let you know

James Rippner

I almost pissed myself laughing. Then I took his email address and signed him up for some viagra newsletters and some impotence self-help groups.

I Don’t Know

Several people have asked me if now that I am done defending the administration, it means I will not vote for them. Short answer- I don’t know.

I have no misconception that the Democrats (in particular this current crop) would be any better with fiscal issues, yet I refuse to let this administration and Karl Rove treat me the way the Democratic party treats African-American voters. I DO have options. I have a lot in common with moderate to conservative Demorats, and I would probably feel most comfortable in a little L libertarian party, were that a viable option.

The simple fact of the matter is that I voted for Bush/Cheney in 2000, and right now I feel like I have been sold down the river when it comes to this hideous spending. The Farm Bill? The Education Bill? Medicare prescription drug plan? Marriage Promotion? Drug Testing in Schools? Faith Based Initiatives?

You know, when Bill Clinton pandered, he at least had the decency to be straight forward about it. And, I might add, Bill Clinton, despite what you may think his role was in the process, did sign a balanced budget at the end of the day. Chew on that, Mr. Delay.

Shorter Dave Neiwert

“Desertion is whatever the hell I say it is, and if you prove me wrong, I will just say that things are ‘unclear.'”

I used to respect Neiwert, but it is clear he is nothing more than a pompous, partisan blowhard.

** Update **

Damnit- I spelled his name wrong again. Why do I keep wanting to spell it Niewert instead of Neiwert?

It Is Over

I am done defending this administration. I just can not take it anymore.

The Congressional Budget Office predicted today that the federal government would face a $477 billion budget deficit this fiscal year and a further cumulative deficit of $1.9 trillion over the next decade.

The projected 2004 budget deficit would be a record in terms of dollars, although it would still be smaller in terms of the nation’s economy 4.2 percent of the American gross domestic product than deficits recorded in the mid-1980’s and early 1990’s, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office. Under President Ronald Reagan in 1983, the deficit reached 6 percent of the gross domestic product.

And before someone tries to make the case that the majority of it is ‘tax cuts for the rich,’ dont even bother. It isn’t- it is the reckless , unrestrained, and irresponsible spending. Spending that is unparalleled, and written, passed, and signed into law by a REPUBLICAN HOUSE, a REPUBLICAN SENATE, and a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT.

I think I am going to be sick.


Peter Jackson won the Golden Globe for LOTR:ROTK.

And Best Picture. Nice.