New Self-Help Group Announcement

As a public service to my readers and the blogospehere community, I am announcing the formation of a new self-help group. The group is called:

“My NFL team sucks and is making me miserable, but I love them anyway.”

Invitations are open to anyone afflicted*, but I would like to officially send invitations to the following people:

Oliver Willis, whose Redskins are 4-8.

Matt Stinson and Tacitus, whose Bucs are 5-6.

Kevin Holtsberry, who, like me, is a fan of the pathetic and puny Steelers (4-8).

Dodd Harris and William Sulik, both long-suffering Raiders fans.

Others may feel free to list their name and team affiliation below in the comments. I can’t promise this will help, but I guess it is nice to know you are not suffering alone.

* Arizona Cardinals fans will be given complete lifetime membership without any questions asked.

*** Update ***

I doubt even this would help my Steelers.

Miserable Failure Update

Oliver declares that Afghanistan is a miserable failure. His sources for such proclamations- stump speeches from two Democratic presidential candidates.


The Sick Mindset of the Welfare State

Maybe Republicans, after passing this obscene Prescription Drug Vote Buying Scheme, will begin to understand that they were right all along about the Welfare state. Buying votes through permanent entitlements is a really shitty idea, and it is not helpful for anyone. Check out the sick state of mind as presented in the NY Times:

But Ernest D. DeBlasis, 73, echoed the view of many when he said the new coverage “amounts to peanuts.”

“It’s not going to help me,” said Mr. DeBlasis, who spends half the year here and half in Marlboro, N.J., where he was an architect. “Let’s hope Congress revises this thing before it takes effect in 2006…”

Joseph S. Shapiro, 89, out for his morning stroll on the boardwalk, said: “People have to pray that they get very ill. If you are in semi-bad shape, you get very little or nothing from the new Medicare bill..”

Of the new drug benefit, Mr. Forzese said: “I don’t expect to get much out of it. I don’t think it will help unless I really get sick and need a lot of medicines.”

The Greatest Generation speaks- they want a free ride.

4,946 to Go

From Reuters (via Drudge):

U.S. soldiers killed 46 Iraqis and captured eight trying to carry out a series of attempted ambushes on U.S. convoys in the central Iraqi city of Samarra on Sunday, a U.S. military spokesman said.
“The fourth infantry division repelled multiple ambush attacks,” Lieutenant Colonel William MacDonald told reporters.

At least 18 attackers, five U.S. soldiers and a civilian traveling with the troops were wounded during the ambushes.

“The attacks were coordinated in locations very close to each other,” he said, adding that the ambushes were made on separate U.S. convoys using mortars, grenades and small arms fire. Three buildings, from whose roofs the attackers fired, were destroyed.

“The attackers attempted to block one of the convoy’s way with a makeshift barricade,” MacDonald said, citing three main attack points around Samarra, north of Baghdad.

“In all of the clashes coalition firepower overwhelmed the attackers resulting in significant enemy losses,” he said. “If you attempt to attack one of our convoys we’re going to use our firepower to stop that attack.”

Some of the attackers wore the attire of Fedayeen, a militia formed by Iraqi President Saddam Hussein before U.S.-led forces toppled him earlier this year.


Watch Who You are Calling Names, Buddy

In an insult to drunken sailors everywhere, John McCain noted that Congress and this Administration are spending like crazed men. Meanwhile, Chuck Hagel notes why he (correctly) voted against the Prescription Drug Act, and points out the real problem with this administration:

There is a larger point to all of this. Who is looking out for the future of the country? This administration and Congress have increased federal spending over the past three years by 21 percent, resulting in budget deficits for the last two years of $559 billion, with next year’s deficit estimated to be about $500 billion. We passed some of the largest and most expensive bills in the history of the Congress in the past three years – at the same time passing some of the largest tax cuts ever.

All of this at a time when America has taken on more peacekeeping and nation- building around the world than at any time since World War II – all at huge costs. And we see a dangerous and strong protectionist movement beginning to dominate our historical commitment to free trade that will have a negative impact on our trade and institutional relations as well as our economy.

It really is shameful.

It Is Official

The Rebuilding of Iraq is over. It is done. A bloody failure. We are fucked. We are cutting and running. We have quit. We have failed. Democrats are going to have to fix everything.

Oh, and while you are at it, to what extent are Democrats merely obnoxious partisan naysayers willing to say anything to make Bush look bad and to what extent are they merely opportunistic political hacks with a superiority complex and a jaded view of reality? Inquiring minds want to know

*** Update ***

You know, there are a lot of questions about Iraq that need to be answered. There are a lot of things that need to be done better. but now that the economy is recovering quite nicely, the full-on attack on everything Iraq (check my liberal blogroll) is pretty god damn predictable and prett god damn amusing. The words transparent and shallow come to mind…

He Be Right

Howard Owens is right.