Happy Halloween!

I am heading off to a massive costume party, so there probably will be no more posting until late tomorrow (after the football game). Hope every one has a good and safe Halloween.

Oh, yeah- I am going with a few friends as Da Bears fans from Saturday Night Live.

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    You and I have some quite severe differences, but you are officially my favorite person in the world tonight because of that costume.

    Happy Halloween.

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    mark says:

    I went as Steve Bartman and got beer poured on my by the adults and pelted with M&M’s by the kids.

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    Drew says:

    Were you Farley, Meyers, Goodman, or the other one?

  4. 4
    John Cole says:

    I went as George Wendt’s character, Bob Swirsky, brother of Bill Swirsky.

    I had on a bunch of Bears paraphenalia, a Bears jersey, a Bears hat, a curly brown wig and mustache, and big mirrored aviator glasses. Plus, I downloaded every SNL skit and knew them backwards and forwards.

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    David Perron says:

    I was Shrek, my 7-year-old was the Dragon, my 2-year-old was Donkey, and my redheaded wife was daytime Fiona.

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