Holy Jeebus!

Matt Yglesias just praised the Bush administration.

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    Moe Lane says:

    Really? What did he say? The job’s webblocking software doesn’t like Matthew this week.

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    Calvin says:

    Last line in the post:
    “Seriously, though. Lending the money to Iraq: bad idea. Minor kudos to the Bush team for resisting it so far.”

    Broken clock, twice a day . . . yada yada yada

    Actually, Matt’s the only lefty blogger that regularly makes sense to me, especially since Calpundit turned into Atrios Lite exacerbated by a terminal case of InstaEnvy.

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    Mason says:

    Rove used his awesome powers of mind-control and made Matt do it.

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    Aakash says:

    I haven’t gone to Y’s entry, and don’t really intend to (the campus library is closing soon; it’s nearly midnight), but it shouldn’t be surprising to witness liberals praising the Bush administration’s policies. As has been stated by many conservatives, libertarian, and some liberals as well, many of this administration’s policies have actually been more liberal than those of the last one.

    As a few of us were discussing at last night’s College Republicans meeting, the place where Bush is losing support is on the Right. When you alienate your base, you seriously jeopardize your chances of keeping your seat.

    The first President Bush found that out. I don’t know if this will happen, but some have speculated that the current President Bush may find this out too.

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    Kimmitt says:

    Could you please at least read a given statement before you proclaim that it fits into your absurd biases?

    Jeebus indeed.

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