Bill O’Atrios

Atrios is channeling Bill O’Reilly, and the results are pretty damn funny. Now if everyone would stop pretending that O’Reilly was a conservative.

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    Kimmitt says:

    Why isn’t he a conservative? I was under the impression that he had conservative views (outside, possibly, his abortion position).

  2. 2

    And his pro-IRA…er I mean Sinn Fein position. Supporting terrorists is not very conservative either. The man is just an arsehole, par excellence. I can’t stand Rush’s show but I think he is a half-way decent guy, but O’Reilly is a cretin.

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    Kimmitt says:

    Oh, I don’t know about that whole “supporting terrorists is not conservative” thing. It’s not like the Contras were a shining exemplar of democratic revolt against a fascist regime…

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    Drew says:

    O’Reily isn’t a movement conservative. He doesn’t support the Death Penalty outside of that and a couple of other positions he is a conservative.

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    Erich Severs says:

    I watch the O’Reilly Factor rather often (well what i can stomach of it at least) and him saying that Howard Dean’s concession speech was “out of control” or Immature” was nothing more than badmouthing the political left to make the right and it’s hatemongers like Rush and Hannity ( a group which I think O’Reilly fits into nicely, not that he’s quite as conservative as them but he evidently enough wishes it were the Fifties and everything were all peaches and cream) seem “in controll” Deans speech was him telling his supporters that he would not be defeated and that is what a leader is my friends.

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