Republicans For Dean

Via Sully, I see there is a wesbite called Republicans for Dean. I am not going to delve into the motivations behind this site, whether it is a hox, or what inspired the creator of the website. This is politics, and he can choose to support whomever he wants. However, I must note that anyone who is a Republican yet supports Dean is a RINO, and clearly no longer shares many (if any) of the principles that are held within the Republican party and mainstream conservatism.

I would suggest a perhaps more apt name for the website:

FORMER Republicans for Dean.

I have thought about leaving the Republican party for about 3 years now and becoming a Libertarian or Independent, but I would rather shower in prison than vote for Howard Dean. If there are any Republicans who think Dean is a better answer to our current problems than the Republican party or Bush, do yourself a favor and make the trip to the County Clerks office and change political affiliation. The only person you are fooling is yourself.

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    Glen says:


    I put up a link on my site weeks ago, just for you. I’m crushed you didn’t notice.

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    Kimmitt says:

    Man, and y’all say Dems are vicious when their friends deviate from the party line.

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    M. Scott Eiland says:

    “Republicans For Dean” sounds like it was created by some guy who gave up self-abuse with a cheese grater because it wasn’t painful enough.

  4. 4
    Mason says:

    Reminds me of that “fucking for virginity” line that was so popular a few months back.

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    BA says:

    I may be misremembering, but I seem to recall that the original idea behind the group was that they wanted Dean to win the Dem nomination because he’d be easier for Bush to beat in the real election.

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    Peter says:

    I’m pretty sure that the idea behind the site is for Republicans with no important races in the Primaries in their area to cross over and vote for Dean in the Dem Primary, forcing the Dems into a McGovern-like debacle in the General Election.
    Given the fact that many people who don’t like the guy at the very top of the ticket stay home on election day this could make it difficult for down-ballot Dems. It’s not a horrible strategy. The Dems are defending more seats than the Repubs in the Senate this cycle, for instance. A candidate at the top of the ticket that caused many middle of the road Dems to stay home could result in large gains for the Repubs.

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    Brian says:

    No, I’m sorry to report, these guys are on the up and up – I couldn’t resist.

    I feel like this kind of thing is getting more and more common. The media has caught on that people don’t like liberals all that much, so as elections progress you start seeing these, “This Democrat really isn’t a liberal!” pieces. Invariably people fall for it just like all the other games.

    Anyway, the site is really a bunch of Democrats who are calling themselves Republicans. I don’t care who you voted for in the past, if you’re calling Dean a moderate and saying that Democrats are very conservative when it comes to fiscal issues, your world view has changed. Call yourself what you want, you’re a Democrat.
    And they’re pulling the standard Democrat stunts over there. Anyone who disagrees is just “closed-minded.”

    So, a warning to all. If you’re going to check it out, take your blood pressure medication first. And don’t bother trying to reason with them. Flame them is what I wanted to do after about 5 minutes, but there’s no point in that, either.

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    Kimmitt says:

    Howard Dean inherited a deficit and bequeathed a surplus to his successor. He is extremely fiscally responsible, especially compared to President Bush, who has massively increased the size of the Federal Government while simultaneously significantly cutting taxes.

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    Paul says:

    Dean is fiscally conservative. He balanced the budget every year in Vermont to the dismay of the Vermont liberals. Republicans for Dean are Rep’s that are sick of Bush spending his way into the largest defecit known to man. Bush is a spend freak, and true fiscal conservatives want to see him go away. True conservatives don’t believe in nation building either. Remember Bush’s campaign… you probably don’t.

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    ikekrull says:

    With Republicans like Bush, who needs democrats? At least Dean is a fiscal conservative, not a big government guy like Bush.

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