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Henry Hanks rips into Al Franken, and it isn’t pretty.

BTW- How long before someone on the left notes that Franken is being attacked by the VRWC, and they use that as proof that Franken is ‘scaring the right and they see him as a threat.’ Be the first to find this meme, which will no doubt surface.

Cheney On The Hot Seat

I have been ignoring all the usual scandal mongering by the Dems, but via Oliver I see something that if true is outrageous and utterly unacceptable (not to mention illegal):

Despite receiving this letter, Cheney still claimed to Congress, a few weeks later, on August 2, that responsive documents had been produced.

Of course, Cheney is a busy man. Yet there can be no question as to whether he was aware of the July 18, 2001 letter from the Comptroller complaining about the 77 pages of documents’ being unresponsive: He even attached it to his own August 2 letter to Congress, as part of a chronology. And again, he personally signed that August 2 letter.

Nor can there be any question that Cheney knows what it means to produce responsive documents – and not to do so. In the same paragraph of the August 2 letter in which he claims he was responsive to the Energy Task Force request, he makes a lesser claim with respect to another GAO request – stating that there, he had merely “provided substantial responses.” (Emphasis added.)

Plainly, Cheney knows the difference between being responsive; offering a substantial response; and sending insulting non-responsive materials, featuring unexplained phone bills, columns of unidentified figures, and a pizza receipt.

Stay tuned.


Go read Joe Conason’s defense of himself, written in third person:

In other words, you declare that you own past was “ultra-left” without using those exact words and then call “Mighty” Joe Conason a “Big Liar” for doing the same. (Odd that you don’t argue with Conason’s statement that you give “stark, simple and demagogic” advice.)

Strangeness, indeed.

More Good News

Sayeth the NY Times:

The American economy grew at a revised annual rate of 3.1 percent in the second quarter, the government reported today, and the unexpected strength is leading economists to raise their forecasts for the rest of the year.

Among the positive signs are the continued strength of consumer spending, the bounce-back in business capital investment, the leanness of business inventories and a jump in corporate profits.

A surge in military spending connected with the war in Iraq was also a big contributor to second quarter growth.

Inflation as measured by the gross domestic product is still low, rising at an annual rate of 0.7 percent in the second quarter, a fact that analysts said would reinforce Wall Street’s belief that the Federal Reserve would keep short-term interest rates low for a long time.

What scares the hell out of me are the rising gas prices- high fuel costs could really slow the recovery.

Bring It On

Let the games begin:

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004 has changed totally in the past few weeks. At the beginning of the summer, Hillary could comfortably deny having national presidential ambitions, because the comfortable conventional wisdom was that it didnt really matter who the Democratic candidate would be, because President Bush had a lock on re-election. (Im sure that the thought has never crossed her mind that it would be better for her if Bush won in 2004, leaving her a clear field in 2008)

But now!…with Bush looking more vulnerable because there are not enough jobs at home and not enough peace abroad, Senator Clinton has to check some numbers. If a Democrat, say Kerry, defeats Bush next November and then runs for re-election in 2008, then her next chance to run would probably be in 2012, when she will be 65 years old. And who knows what the world will look like then?

Personally, I think Dean has a better chance of winning, but, who knows?

Al Franken

Ace Columnist Cosmo Macero sums up my thoughts regarding Al Franken:

Al Franken is a humorist. And a humorist is a comedian who isn’t funny.

But he hates Republicans, so in some circles, that adds to the humor quotient. Here is Al being funny:

Franken doesn’t merely denounce conservatives. He harasses them, provokes them, gets right up in their faces. He once called up National Review Editor Rich Lowry and challenged him to a fight in a parking garage. Lowry declined.

I’m in stitches. Really. And Let’s not forget the real truth about Al Franken- he isn’t just some comedian who happens to have ‘turned liberal’ because of the evilness of Bush. Al Franken is a party hack.


And at bottom, that reveals what Franken really is: a party hack, a very good, and at times quite entertaining one, but a hack nonetheless. Because he fits a poorly defined niche in American politics the clownish comedian who seems to be stumbling into political humor he is capable of having his cake and eating it too. When asked about the fact that he shills for Gore, he simply makes the same jokes (over and over and over again) about how he just wants to be invited to White House state dinners Tee hee isn’t that funny? and, boom, he’s off the hook. He directs videos of the Clintons for their appearances at events like the Gridiron Dinner, writes jokes for the president and vice president at the expense of Republicans, and stumps for the Gore campaign at every opportunity. He’s James Carville as mensch.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with all that; there’s a role for hacks in all parties. But it does make him a lot less funny once you realize why he’s making the jokes.

I guess in the big scheme of things, Franken is a perfect match for the McAullife/Clinton Democrats. He is good enough and smart enough for them- they don’t deserve any better.

*** Update ***

A Fearful Symmtry explores Al Franken’s Ivy-league con job.