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Sorry for the lack of posting, but I had a bunch of other things going on. For the first time this summer, it was nice out, I have been reading a great book (the DaVinci Code), and I just got a smoker (I have a brisket with a home made rub on).

IF you have any good suggestions for BBQ or for things to put in my smoker, let me know. I currently need a good rub for my ribs, as well as a mop so they don’t dry out. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

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    tom scott says:

    Being from Alaska I love smoked salmon and lachs.

    Here is a google page for some different brines. link. I like mine kinda’ spicy. But there is some variation here that should appeal to you.

    And lachs on a bagle with cream cheese and onion can’t be beat.

    You can flake the salmon into a bowl and add diced onion and mayonaise for a nice dip on Ritz crackers.

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    Dean says:

    Have you tried Chinese char siu sauce? Not too sweet, nice flavor.

    Stick w/ Lee Kum Kee brand, if you can find it.

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    StarBanker says:

    Got a gun, go kill something for your grill and smoker. I use to turn all the less choice venison into summer sausage. That’s a lot of sausage and you have to pay for extra ingredients. I started to turn the rest into venison jerky, vacuum seal pieces and now I have great snacks all year. Squirrel, rabbits, and bear all make good jerky. Alot of people use grinders to extrude jerky before smoking and drying. The best way is to slice breakfast steak size pieces and pound it a mallet while sprinkling spices and peppercorns on them.
    Intergalactic Capitalist

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