The real WMD are the ways the Democrats view the world and poltics. Most of us either want to find the WMD in Iraq, find out why our intelligence was wrong if there were none, and in the worst-case scenario, find them if there were weapons and third parties somehow have seized them. What do the Democrats REALLY want?

Asked whether Democratic leaders were pressing the administration hard enough, Rep. Jim McDermott (Wash.), said, The election is 18 months away. We dont want this to go away just yet. Theres plenty of time.”

Why, they want an issue. Scum.

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    M. Scott Eiland says:

    McDermott probably knows where they are–there was plenty of time for him to ask while his lips were attached firmly to Saddam’s butt last year.

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    M. Scott Eiland says:

    By the way, if McDermott is going to keep shooting his traitrous mouth off in public, I’m sure the RNC will be glad to record his ravings for posterity and rebroadcast them at an appropriate moment. Say, right at the end of the 2004 Republican convention on all three broadcast networks, CNN and FOX in a tastefully constructed campaign ad. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing when it gives one the opportunity to see people (and their allies) as they really are. Of course, if the Democrats choose the course of common sense and muzzle the SOB, I’ll applaud them for that–it would be a sign that they’d finally bought a clue as to how offensive the majority of Americans find that sort of crap.

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    Matthew says:

    Scott, it’d make a wonderful bookend if coupled with footage pf McDermott’s trip to Baghdad.

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    wallster says:

    If Bush (scum) can use 9/11 to his political advantage, and Republicans (scum) can call those who wisely opposed the Iraq war traitors, then I think Democrats can bring up the fact that 170+ Americans died “because our intelligence was wrong/we relied on the wrong intelligence/ or our president lied”

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    Frank DiSalle says:

    You mean
    If I wanna see London,
    or I wanna see France,
    Someone’s got to see my…


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    Seth says:

    I can assure that McDermott’s position is fairly rare among us over here on the left. Most of us are not the sorts of people who would hope Americans and Iraqis would die in order that we could gain political points.

    If I had to choose between a dangerous and unsettled Iraq and a lousy economy or a Bush re-election, I’d choose the latter, and most people on my side of the fence, idiots like McDermott to the contrary, feel the same.

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    Where Are the WMD?

    John Cole knows….

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