Windshield Trial

I am sure you are all familiar with this case:

The chief medical examiners in Tarrant and Bexar counties went head to head Wednesday in the murder trial of Chante Mallard, sometimes offering conflicting opinions about what occurred after Gregory Glenn Biggs crashed through her car windshield.

The prosecution completed its presentation of evidence Wednesday morning, and the defense rested it case in the afternoon after calling only one witness – the Bexar County, Texas, medical examiner.

I found this piece of information just awful:

Tarrant County Medical Examiner Nizam Peerwani, who performed Biggs’ autopsy, explained that Biggs suffered a broken right arm, right leg and a nearly amputated left leg. Peerwani ruled the death a homicide.

He testified that Biggs likely survived about two hours before bleeding to death; that he could have been moaning and groaning, or even talking, because he had no neurological damage; and that “positional asphyxia” likely did not contribute to his death.

Positional asphyxia is the inability to breathe because something compresses the abdomen, which sometimes occurs by being lodged in a tight space.

Peerwani also testified that, after reviewing Mallard’s training records as a nurse’s aide, she appeared to be a “medically oriented person” who should have recognized the seriousness of Biggs’ injuries and sought help.

She just let the man die, it really is that simple. I don’t know if it is capital murder (or even murder), but the one thing I do know is that if I hear one more person on television try to excuse her because “she has never committed a crime before in her life,” I am going to wretch. This is an evil, awful, hideous woman, and I hope she never goes five minutes for the rest of her life without realizing what she has done.

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    mog says:

    Let’s see, DUI, hit and run, then leaving him to bleed to death in her garage, hiding the evidence with a little help from her friends, sounds like murder to me. I hope she is convicted for I’d hate to have her back working in her profession. Nurses Aides aren’t the best trained but she had to at least know CPR.

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    redheadedstepchild says:

    She didn’t even need to know CPR; all she needed to know was “9-1-1.” Oh, and even her minimal training as a nurse’s aide would have taught her one important bit of information: the location of a hospital. BTW, does anyone know the legal definition of murder? Something about this case seems worse than murder. Murder at least suggests some sort of regard for the vistim. The indifference she showed for the life of another human being is truly frightening.

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    Watcher says:

    This happened a while ago and is finally getting some more media attention now that it has come to trial… but can you imagine how many riots there would have been had it been a white man letting a black woman die in his windshield? Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been on TV every day for months on.

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    Chris Van Dis says:

    She is guilty, just handed down the verdict.

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    John Cole says:

    I am not sure I agree with the murder conviction, but I am glad she is off the streets. I felt this was a maslaughter/vehicular homicide with aggravaed circumstances, but I don;t know what law would cover that. I guess this jury felt murder did.

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    Sadly, the verdict doesn’t mean anything even resembling justice for that useless crackwhore bitch.

    Anything LESS than death for what she DELIBERATELY did is a mockery of justice.

    Score another one for our spineless courts and prosecutors and their pandering to the whiny-assed liberats who’ve succeeded in turning us into a society with zero personal responsibility and where every “excuse”, however inane, counts.

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    megonad says:

    I am horrified at what this woman did. She has been found guilty thankfully, and I hope will get a harsh sentence. About her being a nurses aid, let me tell you, ANYONE, and I mean everyone that has any sort of medical responsibility is trained at how to not only give CPR (and call 911), but they are also trained at how to place a tourniquet in order to stop bleeding. I know this.. What she should have done is not only take responsibility for her actions(being high and drunk) but called 911 and try to give some kind of help to this man. Even a person with no medical background or training(a decent human) would have tried to do something to ease this man’s suffering. Instead, she considered only herself, she set back and watched this man die. His life was in her hands, and hers alone and she chose to let him die and refused to let anyone else try to save this man as well. And that one person is very correct, that if the murderer(and she IS a murderer) had been caucasion and the victim black, Sharpten and Jackson would be all up in the Media screaming that the WHITE person let the Black person die because the were racist. SICKENING… I do not believe this had to do with race , it had to do with a selfish person who made a horribly bad decision.

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    Watcher says:

    They gave the bitch 60 years… 50 for murder, and 10 for tampering with evidence. I’m sure she will serve her entire sentence with that same stupid pouty face that just makes me want to kick her teeth in.

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    fhumphrey says:

    Yes, it is certainly a shame that this woman allowed this man to die such a horrible death. She deserves every second of time she received and then some. I do not believe that race is an issue; however. As an African American, I distinctly remember not too long ago a young man who was walking along the road was picked up one night and dragged behing a truck along the road in Texas (this decade–not the 60’s) and the white men that did it did not receive death sentences. The governor at the time G. Bush refused to meet with the families. Yes, Sharpton and Jackson used the media (as they do sometimes) to put the pressure on. But, come on two wrongs don’t make a right–this case is not a racial issue–there’s no reason for a Neal Boortz or a Larry King to rally for racial injustice here. This woman was just afraid she was going to get caught and I think she would have reacted the same whether the person were red, yellow, black or white.

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    “As an African American, I distinctly remember not too long ago a young man who was walking along the road was picked up one night and dragged behing a truck along the road in Texas (this decade–not the 60’s) and the white men that did it did not receive death sentences.”

    You don’t seem to remember it too distinctly. Two of them got death, the last got life in the pen.

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    fantasy rape says:

    Amor est vitae essentia – Love is the essence of life. (Mackay)

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