French Paradox

The old French Paradox used to be why they could eat whatever the hell they wanted and have such a low incidence of cardiovascular disease (think wine and olive oil). The French now find themselves in the odd situation of having to create a new French Paradox- how to be complete and total assholes to all Americans, including booing Serena Williams and jeering when the National Anthem is played, how to treat our President and Congress like crap, how to be obstructionist on the world scene and coddle every dictator, yet still have lots of American tourist come to Paris to visit and how to continue to sell lots of wine to American markets:

Something was missing from the country’s largest wine fair here last week, and it was not just the air conditioning in one of the exhibition halls (where temperatures rose so high, corks popped). The usual contingent of American wine merchants were mostly absent, confirming to many in the trade fair’s bottle-filled booths that American ill will over France’s opposition to the war in Iraq has bruised more than egos.

French wine exports to the United States, which was once French winemakers’ most promising market and is now one of their greatest competitors, are going down the drain.

“It’s clear from our American distributors that there is a hesitation to promote French wines for the time being,” said Bruno Finance, sales manager for Yvon Mau, one of Bordeaux’s largest wine merchants. He said French wine was losing ground in some other markets, “but as of today the only place there is such a big loss is in the U.S.”

I do not remember the last bottle of wine I have purchased that was made in France. They pissed me off, and I don’t care if others think it is childish if this is my only protest. I thought the ‘Freedom Fries’ nonsense was over the top- but not buying French wine hits them where it hurts. Bsides, there are plenty of fantastic wines from Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, and I have been drinking a great deal of those and not missed French wines one bit. I don’t think I am missing anything…

End of the Big East

And just like that, another Clinton lackey ruins something great:

Miami accepted an invitation to join the Atlantic Coast Conference on Monday, spurning a flurry of last-minute offers from Big East officials to remain in their league.

The decision was formally announced in a statement released by Miami moments before a news conference with university president Donna Shalala and athletic director Paul Dee got under way.

And, as usual for the Clinton crowd, it was all about money. I have no idea what will become of the Big East now.

Run, Ralph, Run

This is GREAT news:

Ralph Nader, still blamed by many Democrats for draining critical votes from Al Gore in the 2000 race for the presidency, says he is seriously considering running in 2004.

His decision has the potential to vex Democrats who worry that he would divert some of their supporters and delight Republicans who think the same thing.

Nader says he has moved closer to a repeat run as the Green Party nominee after concluding that Democrats have no one who can defeat President Bush.

Not counting the fact that he drains votes from Democrats, the most important thing Nader does is expose what most Democrats are really thinking, because his policy proposals are what most Dems are gunning for in the long run. I will try to find out where we can donate.

Lack of Posting

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I had a bunch of other things going on. For the first time this summer, it was nice out, I have been reading a great book (the DaVinci Code), and I just got a smoker (I have a brisket with a home made rub on).

IF you have any good suggestions for BBQ or for things to put in my smoker, let me know. I currently need a good rub for my ribs, as well as a mop so they don’t dry out. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Million Mom March

If ever there was a group in need of a name change, it is the ridiculous Million Mom March crowd (I thought they had gone bankrupt several years ago, but I guess that was nonsense). Read this and enjoy:

Last week, the Million Mom March had a shindig on the front steps of West Palm Beach City Hall to commemorate national ASK Day, a day designed to remind parents to ask whether guns are in the houses where their children play.

Four people came.

Four people came to the Million Mom March. But then again, this is Palm Beach-they do have bizarre counting procedures there.

Stanley Fish to the Defense

Stanley Fish, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has written a beautiful two page defense of Clarence Thomas’s decision in the affirmative action case last week:

Justice Thomas is not the only one in search of timeless tools to deal with the untidiness of the situations time throws up. It is the law’s claim precisely to base itself in such tools. But I believe this search has failed, and therefore we will always be engaging in the ad hoc, pragmatic reasoning of which Justice Thomas accuses the majority.

Accordingly, I find the nice political dance performed by Justice O’Connor the splitting of the political middle so that no one is either completely happy or too much in despair satisfying and to my taste. It does the job of the moment, which is exactly why Justice Thomas rejects it and in his terms (which are not mine), he is right to do so.

Fish, who supported the ruling, is able to do what the gutter whore Maureen Dowd is incapable of doing– recognizing a dissenting position, understanding the person’s reasoning for having a different opinion, declaring it a valid opinion, and moving on. Dowd, and the rest of the bitter left instead want to mock Thomas, call him and Uncle Tom, or dismiss him as stupid. Thanks, Stanley.

At Long Last

Thank goodness. Finally we are hearing someone bitch and moan about the outrageous spending that has taken place during President Bush’s administration due to appropriations from a REPUBLICAN congress:

Federal outlays jumped by $222 billion in President Bush’s first two years, a spending increase that is expected to accelerate under the administration-backed $400 billion prescription-drug bill that is speeding through Congress.

Much of the spending increases have been for defense and the war on terrorism at home and abroad, according to White House and congressional budget analysts.

The two-year increases represent 1 percent of the economy’s annual gross domestic product, four-tenths of which was devoted to national security.

Meanwhile, Democrats are still lying about spending:

Democrats have been loudly complaining that domestic social welfare spending has been cut under the Bush administration.

But congressional budget officials say that over the past two years such spending for education, job training, unemployment assistance, Medicare, Social Security, veterans benefits, food stamps and other “human resources” has risen from 11.5 percent of GDP to 12.7 percent.

This fiscal irresponsibility is Bush’s Achilles Heel in his re-election bid. Not his ‘arrogance,’ his ‘lying about WMD,’ the fact that ‘he is stupid,’ or the ‘tax cuts for the rich,’ or ‘the erosion of civil rights,’ or any of the other crap that Democrats routinely screetch about every campaign (he is going to starve the poor, enslave the dark-skinned, put children in labor camps, etc.) The spending is his real problem.