Unhinged Liberals, Pt. 3 in an Unending Series

Apparently, if Democrats do not win the next election, and some Democrats did do everything they could to win, it will be as bad as the Germans who stood idly by and let the Jews be slaughtered in Nazi Germany. At least, that is what Janot Reno thinks:

Joanne Goldfarb, of Delray Beach, said she needed just such a pep talk, just such a push to make her feel she can make a difference. That’s why she was in the audience. She’s taking small steps toward becoming an activist.

One part of Reno’s speech, which touched upon issues such as classroom sizes, health care and the criminal justice system, seemed to speak directly to Goldfarb. Reno spoke about visiting the Dachau concentration camp in Germany as a child and learning what had happened.

“I went back and asked my adult German friends, ‘How could you let that happen?’ ” Reno said. “They said, ‘We just stood by.’ ”

She looked right into the the audience and told them that’s why she was there. She had no intention of just standing by.

“And don’t you just stand by,” Reno said.


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    Randolph Fritz says:

    Well, hey, I’ve been compared to both Stalinists and Nazis a bunch by right-wingers. Why should us lefties have all the fun?

  2. 2
    M. Scott Eiland says:

    Janet was very good at standing by, particularly when just about everyone under her authority except the head janitor told her to appoint a special counsel regarding the campaign finance scandals and she thumbed her nose at them. She’s a hack, and–after the last election cycle–a rather thoroughly spanked hack.

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    BillyW says:

    I am certainly not a DOJ historian, But has there ever been a worse AG than reno?

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