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Am I the only one who finds it moderately amusing that the most partisan of Democrat webloggers are claiming a major victory when only half of the President’s tax cut passes the Senate ($350 billion over 10 years). My, how the landscape has changed. Yes guys,- half a tax cut is quite a spanking. A Whopping defeat. Snicker.

Now if you damned Republicans would cut spending.

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    Dodd says:


    And agreed.

    Tax cut rope-a-dope? Ask for the moon, het several hundred billion?

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    Terry says:

    Just two weeks ago, Washington was all a-buzz with the story that Bush would be lucky to get much more than a hundred million. Did anybody see how that useless fool, atrios, characterized this as a big victory for the Democrats? Many more victories like this and they will be marginalized into oblivion.

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    Max says:

    Heh. I’m glad to see someone else agrees; I thought it was pretty ridiculous for the Times to be screaming about a “stinging setback” when the Senate just passed 300 billion worth of tax cuts.

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    Steve Soto says:

    Nice smack down John! Hope all is going well for you.


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    Peter Peaslee says:

    Made this very point yesterday to Atrios. How thing’s have changed when we have democrats voting for a $350 Billion tax cut. As a sales person I always ask high and settle happily for less.

    Here’s the problem though. In the Reagan era we got lower taxes, higher revenues and yet even higher defecits because they could not even reign in the growth of government spending. That was with democratic control of Congress. You’d think with Republican control of Congress we would see some brakes on spending (the military budget notwithstanding).

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    Jim says:

    Yes – one would think that.

    I hate biting my tongue when lefties point this out. What am I going to say?

  7. 7
    Peter Peaslee says:

    How about a “Coalition of the Willing to Cut or even Freeze Spending”?

  8. 8
    Mac Diva says:

    Jeez! There is a place where Peaslee does not get laughed out of the room.

  9. 9
    David Perron says:

    I guess Atrios’ audience is growing restless, or just bored.

    Peaslee: there is no such thing as “making a point to Atrios”. He’s shown himselve to be impervious to any point of view other than the one he happens to occupy today.

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