This whole delinking because of

This whole delinking because of differing ideologies thing is just plain stupid. I like to hear what most people have to say, and if it is stupid, well then, I will tell them so.

One of my favorite sites to read every day is the Daily Kos, even though I don’t agree with a lot of his politics. He does, however, express his viewpoints well, is kind to all his visitors, and it seems to rub off on most of his commenters.

For all those people out there who think it is neato to de-link because you just can’t take opposing viewpoints, I have two things to say:

1.) Grow Up
2.) Your traffic ain’t near the Instapundit’s anyway, so get over your bad self.

If anyone has been de-linked for these childish reasons, send me an e-mail, and I will gladly throw you up on my permalinks to fill in whatever void might have been created.

Cripes, already. This is a sure sign the blogosphere has matured- people are acting like children.

And one of these damned days I am gonna remember to link John Hawkins.

Sorry for the lack of

Sorry for the lack of posting. I should resume regular posting when I get back from Puerto Rico around December 9th.

I do have some good news though. The January Playmate of the Month is older than me for the first time in 7 years.

Bob Barr is gone. Dick

Bob Barr is gone. Dick Armey is gone. All the Big-L Libertarians are if not nominally, then fully nuts. The Democrats are only concerned with power and making their subjugated and wholly dependant power bases happy.

Who do I turn to? There is no political capital for any individual speaking for the “I just want to be left the hell alone” party.

I hate it all.

This Just Disgusts Me: Why

This Just Disgusts Me:

Why I use cash for everything and have no credit cards. Period.

I am just curious- Have

I am just curious-

Have you ever had a migraine headache that was so bad that you had to cover your windows with blankets and towels so no light could get in? One that hurt so bad that you had to have a friend take care of your cat because you could hear him walking? One so bad that when the phone rang because you forgot to turn the ringer off, you cried, and then broke out in sweats?

Again, I am just curious.

Idiots With Forums There may

Idiots With Forums

There may be a reason that the American Prospect is losing money- the people working there are morons. The Tapped crew is your average, run-of-the-mill braying mule- that is a typical modern Democrat. Devoid of ideas, bereft of any moral backbone, concerned only with winning, and consumed by “Gotcha!” politics. Excellent example is Tapped Quoting Bob Woodwarrd’s new book:

Woodward Quote: The president is shown to be preoccupied by public perceptions of the war, looking at polling data from Rove, now his senior adviser, even after pretending to have no interest.

Tapped Response: We also thought Bush led “based upon principle and not polls and focus groups.” So much for that.

Let’s set aside the fact that they are just taking Woodward’s quotes as if they were gospel (if it is in print, why, Golly, it must be true!). But do you notice how these morons get it wrong, yet again?

Guys- It is ok to have a principled position and to examine the polls and try to figure out how to lead the public to support and embrace your position. That is what Bush is doing. What Clinton did was merely look at the polls and do whatever the hell the most popular thing was. There is a difference.

And Democrats wonder why no one takes them seriously.

An Illustration of Why We

An Illustration of Why We Are Right

I don’t know how to put screenshots up right now, or I would, but this image of the Drudge Report is really telling. Across the top of the screen is this flash warning:

**URGENT** FBI issued confidential terror alert Thursday evening warning taped message from bin Laden, recent overseas strikes by al-Qaida raised threat of ‘spectacular attacks’ in USA… Developing… NYT reporting: ‘In selecting its next targets,’ the FBI alert said, ‘sources suggest al-Qaida may favor spectacular attacks that meet several criteria: high symbolic value, mass casualties, severe damage to the U.S. economy, and maximum psychological trauma. The highest priority targets remain within the aviation, petroleum, and nuclear sectors as well as significant national landmarks’…

In other words, more Islamofascists want to destroy more of our culture. Below that, we see the links to what the Western world is focussed on:


They burn their libraries, hide and subjugate their women, living in a technological sinkhole. Their only use for technology is to destroy, maim, and ruin. Their only use for technology is death and destruction, including plans to blow themselves up just to take a few innocents with them. We are mastering micro-surgery on unborns, they are stoning mothers.

You tell me who is right, and who is wrong.