Tom Harkin, Limousine Liberal?? My

Tom Harkin, Limousine Liberal??

My favorite line from Tom Harkin’s (Dipshit, Iowa) idiotic speech at the pep-rally the other night was this gem:

Please stand up for Paul, and fight for better wages for those who mop our floors and clean our bathrooms.

This is populism? This is elitism. Translation:

We should have the moral courage to stand up and pay our servants more. Won’t you please join me in this crusade? For Paul? Please?

Hey Tom- You have people mopping your floors and cleaning your bathrooms. Fine. But if you want better wages for them, how ’bout you give em a raise and leave me out of it. Me, I mop my own floor and clean my own bathroom (I also do my kitchen, wash my car, go to work, clean up after my cat, do my laundry, and make my bed). I can tell you how you can give me better wages. Keep your idiotic ideas out of my life, and quit trying to tax the living daylights out of me, you corn-fed fraud.