Tapped Starts To Capitulate Last

Tapped Starts To Capitulate

Last night I predicted Democrats would start to realize how unseemly the Wellstone pep rally was, and the defenses would begin to taper off. Here are my exact words:

1.) The outright denials that anything was wrong with the event will taper off throughout the night and tomorrow.

2.) When the first poll comes out showing a tightening of the race, Dems will begin to concede- but only as Democrats can do. They will not admit at first that it was wrong or tasteless, just that they ‘understand’ how it could have been perceived that way.

I was partially right with point #2. I should have included that any backtracking and belated apologies will also be accompanied by ad hominems against anyone who does not have a D behind their name. Witness Tapped today:

JESSE “THE BUFFOON” VENTURA. We’d be willing to agree that, while most of what went on at the Paul Wellstone tribute was unobjectionable — including the exhortations for Wellstone’s admirers to go out and fight for his values on the campaign trail — it was cheap and ill-befitting a man of Wellstone’s grace for the attendees to boo Trent Lott and Jesse Ventura. Even so, Ventura doesn’t exactly win the statesman award by threatening to punish the Democrats like a petulant child.

Punish them? Hey guys, he is an Independent, and an elected one at that. Why is it punishing Democrats for him to appoint an Independent? It is not your seat. Sure, voters in the past voted for a Democrat to the seat, but I didn’t see any bitching when a man ran as a Republican, and then a few months after his race was won became an Independent and voted for the Democrat leadership in the Senate. His name was Jim Jeffords. You guys set the ground rules, and although you change them every chance you get, we are trying our best to keep up.

Will Warren has the final

Will Warren has the final words on Rep. McDermott and Rep. Bonior and their enabling of Saddam Hussein.

Brilliant as usual, Will.

One of the problems with

One of the problems with blogging is that after a few months of it, you run across so many good sites that inevitably you never have everyone you think you do on your blogroll. Sometimes you have people you wish you didn’t. Other times you discover that some of the people in your links haven’t blogged for weeks or months.

A good example of the first situation, in which someone you thought you had on your link list but wasn’t there is Jennie Taliaferro’s Greatest Jeneration. Make sure you drop by, take a browse around, and say hello if it suits you.

A really good example of the final case, in which someone in your links hasn’t blogged for weeks, is Ken Layne. His counterpart, Matt Welch, has been posting daily, so I can only assume several things.

1.) Layne is still drunk from an orgy of Anaheim Angels worship.
2.) He is drunk in preparation for the return of the Lakers.
3.) He is in a Turkish prison.
4.) The aliens finally got him. And not the Haitian kind.

Tom Harkin, Limousine Liberal?? My

Tom Harkin, Limousine Liberal??

My favorite line from Tom Harkin’s (Dipshit, Iowa) idiotic speech at the pep-rally the other night was this gem:

Please stand up for Paul, and fight for better wages for those who mop our floors and clean our bathrooms.

This is populism? This is elitism. Translation:

We should have the moral courage to stand up and pay our servants more. Won’t you please join me in this crusade? For Paul? Please?

Hey Tom- You have people mopping your floors and cleaning your bathrooms. Fine. But if you want better wages for them, how ’bout you give em a raise and leave me out of it. Me, I mop my own floor and clean my own bathroom (I also do my kitchen, wash my car, go to work, clean up after my cat, do my laundry, and make my bed). I can tell you how you can give me better wages. Keep your idiotic ideas out of my life, and quit trying to tax the living daylights out of me, you corn-fed fraud.

Gray Davis in 2004 Matt

Gray Davis in 2004

Matt Welch surveys the California newspaper editorials endorsing Gray Davis and wryly notes that they read like indictments. Here is a sample from the LA Times:

Davis is aloof. He agonizes over minor decisions most governors would leave to aides. He is robotic and largely humorless.

And a sample from the Sacramento Bee:

You don’t like the choices. We don’t like the choices. If only there were an even vaguely plausible third-party candidate — but there isn’t. So, like it or not, one of these men will be governor until 2007.

As Matt reminds us, these are Davis’s ENDORSEMENTS. Go read the whole thing.

With the recent repeated obtuseness of the Democrats and their tin ear for public outrage, I think we might have in Gray Davis a suitable running mate for Al Gore in 2004.

Damnit All Jam Master Jay

Damnit All

Jam Master Jay was shot and killed.

I am just dying for

I am just dying for Lilek’s Bleat tonight.