More Noise Before The Storm

More Noise Before The Storm

The United States hit determined opposition from Russia and France over its stance on Iraq on Monday, threatening its bid for tough new U.N.-imposed arms inspection rules as experts met in Vienna to discuss them.

I am sure that this story will be used by some to create an image of a unilateralist image of the United States and our renegade and dangerous President. If there is anything I have learned, it is that Bush’s policy opponents squeal the loudest right before completely they completely capitulate.

The REAL Story Behind the

The REAL Story Behind the Toricelli Scandal

So Bob Toricelli is stepping down, and the Democrats are going to have to go through all sorts of illegal manipulations and court procedures to attempt to bypass New Jersey LAW in order to find someone who can beat the Republican candidate. That is a big story, but here is the real scandal:

Seven days ago, our esteemed Senate Majority Leader was in New Jersey, telling us to look beyond Toricelli’s past, and vote for him. That’s right, even though no new charges have surfaced and Mr. Toricelli has never served a day in jail or even been charged with a crime, he is so ethically tainted that he can not run for office. However, as Tom Daschle has NO ethics whatsoever, it is no big deal for him to publicly lie to voters that Mr. Toricelli is what is right for America:

Mr. Daschle urged New Jerseyans today to look beyond Mr. Torricelli’s ethical problems, however, because he said the stakes of the election were so steep.

“What America looks like in the years ahead will depend on the battles we fight right there on the Senate floor,” Mr. Daschle said. “And we have never had a race in which there was more at stake than what is happening right now.”

That is right. The day before Daschle accuses the President of politicizing the war on Iraq (an unfounded charge which we all know is based on intentionally mis-interpreted quotes from Bush), he is telling us that POLITICAL CONTROL OF THE SENATE is so important, we should disregard ethics. Remember, nothing has changed- no new charges have been brought against Toricelli- he is the SAME man Daschle was stumping for last week.

A fine party you Democrats run. Are you guys trying to help Clinton’s legacy by comparison? Meanwhile, Bonior and McDermott are in Iraq essentially committing treason.

On election day, everyone should ask themselves, why on earth should I trust these Democrats with my future, my wealth, and my security?

*** Update ***

Reader H. W. claims that something has changed- there is a new document being released. That may be true, but that is not my point. Nothing has changed about Toricelli, the man. He was a sewer trout last week, and he remains a pilfering egotist today. The nature of the man is still the same- he is scum. What has really changed are the polls numbers, and thus, the Democrats approach. Who needs a moral compass when you have a pollster?

Remember Bush’s Words? Remember George

Remember Bush’s Words?

Remember George Bush during the 2000 Republican Convention, discussing Al Gore:

It is the sum of his message — the politics of the roadblock, the philosophy of the stop sign.

If my opponent had been there at the moon launch, it would have been a “risky rocket scheme.”

If he’d been there when Edison was testing the light bulb, it would have been a “risky anti-candle scheme.”

And if he’d been there when the Internet was invented well … I understand he actually was there for that.

He now leads the party of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But the only thing he has to offer is fear itself.

Maybe Al Gore really is speaking for the Democrats. What do they have to offer? What are their suggestions? What are their plans? In which direction do they want to lead us?

They hate the tax cut, but they are afraid to do anything about it.

They hate the idea of action against Iraq, but they refuse to suggest an alternative, so all they do is talk.

Check out the fearmongering in Kristof’s article today. Listen to Fat Teddy Kennedy talking about a war with Iraq and the possible street fighting:

Meanwhile, senior Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy argued in a speech Friday that the administration has failed to make a persuasive case for going to war against Iraq and that the top U.S. priority should be getting U.N. inspectors back in Iraq, not preparing for unilateral military action.

“War should be a last resort, not the first response,” the Massachusetts senator said in a speech to the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

Does that make him a Chickendove? All Ted Kennedy has ever battled is the bottle, his beltline, and reality.

I look at people like Tom Delay, or Strom Thurmond, people who scare the hell out of me, and all I can think is what a sad situation it is that I would gladly vote for them over 90% of the Democrats out there right now.

OK. I will Admit It

OK. I will Admit It When I Am Wrong

There was no stategery the other day in San Francisco. Al Gore is simply on crack.

Former Vice President Al Gore yesterday made his second attack this week on President Bush’s war on terrorism, accusing the administration of ignoring signs that al Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden planned to attack the United States on September 11. “The warnings were there” before the attacks, Mr. Gore said.

The Vodkapundit has more.

Wouldn’t It Be Ironic If

Wouldn’t It Be Ironic

If the first time Hillary got in trouble for improperly intervening with authorities, it was in a situation in which she was intervening on behalf of all her constituents, and not merely trying to enrich herself or her fraud of a husband?

The U.S. Olympic Committee has launched an inquiry into whether Sen. Hillary Clinton had improper contact with an Olympic official on behalf of New York City’s bid to host the Games, an official said yesterday.

Every time I go to

Every time I go to his site, I laugh. I have said at least twice that I think he is the funniest man in the blogosphere, so I am adding Scott Ott (Scrappleface) to the perma-links.

O.K. This scared me. It

O.K. This scared me. It should scare you.

Hillary Clinton as President? Yikes.